Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Livin... ON

It has been around 3 weeks since I came here. Living here is great, i guess. The good part is not much expenses especially the food part.It was kinda over the top @ mysore. But as of now its kinda really cheap around here and whats more much much better too!.Kinda thinking about turning pure veg...especially since the fact that you dont get much of non-veg here.. so transition would be quite easy to do! Ofcourse I am just thinking.. :D. I do love all kindsa food...so.. hehehe...
But then I guess my phone calls have kinda sky rocketed ;), albeit it being cheaper :D. Ofcourse cant help that kinda miss everybody so much. I think its the distance perspective when in back of your mind you know that you can go up and meet that person, you never miss them even if you dont kinda see em or you need to be occupied by something in your mind. As far as my case is my mind is not that preoccupied with anything now.. Kinda trying to read through a few books of mine. Having a great time being bored and becomin a kinda nuisance to all my friends calling them umpteen times a day, sendin all of em mails from mornin to evening :D. Ofcourse tell me what else can I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even if theres work I aint feeling anything akin to pressure, I wouldnt say that i am enjoyin it... because theres nothing exactly great about it.. Still I guess i am doing it pretty fast and neat. I hope :D. Ofcourse me being a fresher in an almost finished project helps me while away time as I like it to be. And radio mirchi! its hot :D....atleast keeps me occupied for a lotta time lol.
The only thing I dont like about this city is the condition of its roads and the dust around here... dust can be mostly attributed to the condition of the roads inturn... hmm... The campus is ok I guess but my phase doesnt have any facility for any kinda games or anything.. so.. kinda.. feeling bad about not playing anything...Hope to change that in a while I guess... hmm.. lets see.
The house where I live is almost set i guess. Except for a PC and a gas connection. Some of the guys are not that greaty enthu about the gas connection which they say is quite a waste of money as we would be coming back usually by around 9o clock in the night and yes they are partly nice about it too.. still i would like to have that thing... lets see...
Lol sometimes I am not still sure i should be here. I know I could do something else much more interesting to me!!.. But I seem not to have any kinda initiative to do that.. Lol come to think of it..it was just the lack of initiative that left me in this place as of now. Just staying alive. Ah btw.. pune has some karting going on... gotta check em out!!.. :D.. if they are any good.. you never know what can come outta these... :D
I was just gonna end this.. when i started thinking... it has been quite a time since I wrote something original or creative something straight from my mind. I guess I dont think too much any more...or is it that..I am not bothered with writing my thoughts anymore..either of the two I am not sure. As I said somewhere I kinda frame all situtations in my mind as if all the outcomes are acceptable so much so that I would be kinda happy whatever happens. Its just that..i would be happy or happier still. Lol..ofcourse anybody can take that perspective of their life like that I guess.. Dont know whether its a great idea to be happy all through!. Not accepting that you should be sad..... well.. dont know... :). And in a sense I am arrogant enough to say that i am arrogant. :D


Blogger Govind V said...

hmm.... :D...

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Divya said...

I knew most of this......but was fun readin thru it!:P
Gas connection? I also dont get why?!
Neways....cya soon!

7:00 PM  
Anonymous parvathi said...

Divs.... He wants to try his hand at cooking.... *rolls eyes*

Ente daivame...iniyum enthokke kaanan irikkunnu....!! :-D

7:35 PM  
Blogger Aravind.V said...

@achu: enthengilum parayanamengil thelliche parayada!!!!.. adithirunnitum kariayamilla :p

@divs: Sure see you soon... and we need COOKING GAS TO cook food... :D

@parvathi: enthe... njan vevichal chore vevathilley???? ;;)

12:41 PM  
Anonymous OCfragger said...

Dont worry, Over-Chef Fragger is here! :D

And no, I dont mean the chef thing I do with chainsaws in Doom or with knives in CS. :D

I specialize in making Dosas.

But idli is the healthiest and cheapest.

Hmm. lets see what we can do.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Aravind.V said...

er lets eat what we make ;) not... see get me.. :D

7:53 PM  

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