Thursday, December 07, 2006


hmm..This is gonna be.. fun...If this end up as a blog or not I just dont know. The fact is.. I am typing to while away time. The keyboard around here is great. The typing speed has gone up like anything unseen by me as of now.. just because of the quality of this keyboard. It just feels great. I dont have work to do. I dont have anyone to report to. I can spend my time like I want to! I can walk , I can run, I can sing lol I can even dance If I wanna none is gonna stop me.!.The only problem as far as I am concerned after coming to pune is the dust and the roads. Oh boy dont they suck big time. I had thought moving from mysore to pune might gimme some kinda headache.. but it didnt thank goodness.. it went just fine !Packing for moving @ mysore was fun...Just rolled up all the clothes and put it in the bags and stuffed those things real tight. The whole experience was kinda enjoyable in the end I guess. Company had given me a 2nd AC ticket to pune from bangalore which was great, and also stay for the first seven days here.The company stay is pretty nice and the food around here is great er... atleast when compared to what we got @ mysore and ironically cheaper too!!!. Cant fathom why the food @ mysore needs to be so bad. People seem to be ok around here.. ofcourse has been here only for about...3 days now still the feel of the city is good. Got a house to stay some 5 km away from office. Which is ok considering the fact that infy bus stop is around 200 ms away from my House.Alighting from the railway station , I wasnt that impressed by pune. The place is dirty, roads are pathetic and the whole place is dusty. Within one day of being here my shoes got covered by crust of dust which never happened in the four months I stayed in Mysore. But I'll prefer this anyday over mysore. Mysore campus was for kids ; everything was taken care of !The place where company stay has facilities comparable to the hostel we got back at mysore. Afterall it costs around 1k daily!. And whats more the house we have rented is very close to where the company stay is. So I am kinda shuttling between both. Helping my friends setup the house. Its a real nice house. Its one thing thats making me wanna stay in pune :). And the locality is also kinda good. Lol even the name of that colony is good "Sunshine Villas" er its not a villa its rather a rowhouse, dont know why they named it villas :D.
Now to the really interesting part of the stay around here. I am broke for this month, whats more I am as of now richest among the guys who are gonna stay there! After pooling all ther resources we have for this month we found that three guys need to live of 4k :D which might be unthinkable back home but is perfectly possible around here! Travel is taken care by the infy bus so thats not much of a headache. The lunch@ infy foodcourt. and something with bread @ supper. Its pretty cheap considering that one persons meal @ night is costing only around 6-8 bucks and that too filling all said and done!.Seriously this is turning out to be really enjoyable!. Except for a gas stove for us to cook and a couple of cupboards, we are fine I guess :D. Ofcourse the reason behind we becoming broke is that four guys had to bear the cost for a house meant for six guys. If two other guys join us then all this would be thrown out through the window!. Next in line is a bike and PC! Me waiting for the grand salary at end of this month with all the Training TPI thrown in and all.Presently i have nothing to do! Am very much happy about it. Hope the same continues :D. As of now I dont have any net connection at all. Lets see what happens. Kinda started reading some books. Got this really good book as a present "Dream of fair to middling women" by Samuel Beckett. To say the truth its a tough read. Man the guy has awsome command of the language and art of literary expression. The going is slow but its kinda nice. Then theres Binodini or Choker Bali by Rabindranath Tagore. Thats a pretty amusing novel. I dont know why but I kinda really enjoying it in a humorous sense. At house we have a lotta work to do but its fun sharing those work and doing it. Gives me immense satisfaction. I have this character of being excited about anything new and after a while that excitement dies down. Lets see this is gonna be like that. Ofcourse there are a couple of things for which my excitement hasnt died down like that still.... it usually happens. To me its just that if I know the how of it I loose the curiosity to continue. Here I think the situation is different as I already know the how of it and am still finding it interesting. Especially interested in experimenting @ cooking. I have some flair for it I suppose but gotta sharpen ma skills :D er @ my own expense lol.

PS: When I wrote this we were broke. Now thanks to infy loan and more than concerned parents OUR bank accounts are back to being healthy :D.


Blogger Govind V said...

Dun worry bro! By the time I depart from Pune in will be bankrupt and oh! ur home wud be mortgaged. O:-)

2:48 PM  
Blogger Aravind.V said...

Sorry cant mortgage an already rented home bro :P besides

Who knows where I will be by march ;;)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Govind V said...

Ahem! You wud have to suffer 1 yr in escape...or did I misintepret those papers?

1:56 PM  
Blogger Aravind.V said...

=)) you might have interpreted it alright but didnt read btw the lines didya??


10:53 AM  
Anonymous parvathi said...


Hey...I didnt know of the replenishment of resources!! Man, I'm so disappointed...My sadistic self was having quite a fun time imagining u guys living off crumbs and walking to the workplace and stuff.... :-D

Compre results expected tomoro.... Am so happy abt it... Maybe its an omen...

U take care...

8:01 PM  
Blogger Aravind.V said...

:)) well I am still living the same way. Er same way as when I had no money!. average daily expenses are really low :D


10:36 AM  

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