Monday, December 25, 2006

oh BOY! did I really blog this!

Its not exactly usual for me to recount my experiences in my blog.. But somewhere other I am doing that lately. Dont know why... maybe because I dont want to say anything else anymore I guess.. maybe because everything seems an effort in futility or maybe.... nah....

Anyway... I was travelling from pune to tvpm two days back.. the whole trip felt different.. for once I wanted to just reach home as fast as possible. I am not exactly a what you call home sick person.. still wanted to go home really badly this time around.. hmm..So what do I do? I book tickets by flight to tvpm @ friday night from mumbai to cochin which is the only one available. and affordable.. the flight is scheduled at around 2 in the night. So I leave pune from around I guesss 7.15.. the volvo that was slated to start by 6.30... was obviously late! somehow or other we reach vashi by 9.30 or so.... but then.. lo... theres the mumbai traffic to deal with. It took us better part of two hours to reach santa cruz fromvashi.. I dont exactly know whether that was fast or slow.. but Something I liked was the traffic ,although really heavy and slow at some points, was moving! :D

Finally made it to the airport after that helluva traffic.. check in and.. everything went pretty smooth!!!!!!!!....... and then.... had to wait another 4 hours!!! @ airport.. the plane was late by two hours due to run away in the runway i guess... so messed up all my calculations... hmm.. was thinking about gettin a bus from ekm by around 4 in the morn and reach...home asap.. anyway In the end got into chennai mail which was jam packed :D... but had a lotta fun!!! in that was er near the edge of the door all the while till thiruvalla..
That was the best part of the journey all said and done to see the greenery that is kerala... through the morning mist and all.. :) with the wind on my face :D.. Gave me a kick to see the ground beneath me moving.. :D especially when it was going over those... bridges... was making myself accustomed to heights I guess.. :).. hmm.. Oh... it was like one of those thrill rides.. :D hmm but with no sleep for practically two to three days.. I was getting tired and all.. from thiruvalla to kollam everything moved really fast I just slept away :) came home... and then it has been like sleep eat, sleep eat and sometimes go visit my near and dear.. :D.

Read this book binodini . Was a great read. .. how tagore manages to make the characters dance to his tune is awesome ! only thing is its pretty much obvious that it was his first try or so at it because he made the ending a happy one.. You see when people are young they always tend to think that everything will end happily.. Ofcourse that hope is that makes youth so beautiful... but then there is beauty in reality that things dont turn out the way you hope.. Its when you start realizing that truth that life is more than you hoped for and not really what you wished for. What might seem like a tragedy might be better in the end... I guess.. as some say experience makes you wiser and sad. Me neither have the experience or am i ready to accept it :D. So am happy and foolish as a corollary I guess..

Btw made a wild search about my screen name..
  1. Highly excited with strong emotion or frustration; frenzied: frantic with worry.
  2. Characterized by rapid and disordered or nervous activity: made a frantic last-minute search for the lost key.
  3. Archaic. Mad; insane.
  4. Wildly excited or active.
seems quite apt aint it :D.. was thinking what would be apt to describe me.. i guess it would be wild wanderer.. ah should have been born among trees eh! :D =))


Anonymous OCfragger said...

Me and kickassso try to have something similar to your experience by standing on the footboards of city buses in Mysore. hehe.

nice to know that u had a smooth trip.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Aravind.V said...

lol.. I see

7:43 PM  

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