Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Er.. fact is.. I am going from my hometown. I will be moving to start my training etc.... So.. what.. this means is.. that i am facing so many "prlly last time" phenomena! ofcourse its not exactly the "last time" phenomena .. where you dont give even a ounce of chance. When this clicked was I visited the lib with my bro.. and he was telling me.. this will be prolly the last time we come togethor to the lib! thats when the train of thought started.. culminating in this blog.

See the style of bloggin itself is kinda different.

I am kinda starting to understand.. how it is like.. staring down the barrel!. Theres both an exhilaration and fear, both of the unknown :D. Yeah I am grinning thinking about this.. Its when you push at the edge that you are..most alive. Some say that its when pain is really...bad that you know how alive you are. Oh boy when you can stomach that time.. you feel on the TOP!. Its the bring it on attitude as if you ready!..for death. Meaning the take that prolly outta the equation.. You get how the poor guys feel.

I know one thing for sure.. after leaving here...and after a few years.. i find happiness in the fact that fewer people will shed tears for me. :)!. ok.. to tell the truth this might even prolly be last post! Who knows :). Whatever may come, I have enjoyed blogging. ofcourse not quite lived up to my name of franticblogger. but was frantic at times :). This is my 153rd post. hmm...