Sunday, March 27, 2005


I am naturally a talkative person. Thats because i continually need to refresh my ideas. When we talk we need to move on with the idea. We cant remain on one particular idea. Then the listener even if it is ourselves will find the talk extremely boring.
Also when speaking we need to articulate our thoughts with as much precision as possible. So here a lot of clarity of mind is required. So what do we do. We think what we are going to tell then we tell. Where as if we were trying to just think something through we dont need to be this rigorous with the thought process.
So my feeling is If we talk with someone when we are thinking about something If he is receptive at least to a degree thats decided by the speaker. Then One who speaks will be better able to think a problem or a situation through.

Now there is also the fact that your thought may be flawed in some fundamental way. But your neural pathway would not allow you to think in any other way. But thinking things aloud makes apparent these Flaws. Most of this can be thus rectified. This is like the old feedback case of the amplifier. The gain is reduced but better noise reduction stability etc. Here we have the speed with which we think something through might be reduced but we have better clarity and results to speak of.
This is one of the reasons why I blog. Even though Its much more cumbersome than talking this way i dont destroy anyones peace of mind including Myself.
The One thing to be careful about is to whom you voice your thoughts. Thats dont try to think through when you are emotional. So when talking to someone you may be emotional then that kinda of talk might not help. Mind you its only might not. Who can tell what happens. Not me anyway.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

AM i really this.

The the person in the photo was photographed by me. His resemblence to me is totally unintentional.See where as I am a level Headed person :D. This guy has so much spirit.Where as I am An Atheist and Amoral and trying to be aethical this guy is none of that. Or i think so.Confused kya. Dont be.

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Am I

There are questions and then there are questions. Its very important to ask the write question to get the answer. Yes what Douglas Adams said in HHGG is true. So you cant expect there to be answer to all your questions. Its extremely important for you to frame the question correctly.

There are nothing right or wrong about anything. Only thing is dont think around in circles as it becomes boring. If Any one wanna have discussion on this. I am extremely interested. This is one of those topics which are very difficult for me to handle.
Would Expect help from all quarters.
Thanks In advance

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Papa and the Junior

Aint they so adorable. The purrfect father and son. Papa was an idiot and he stopped there. But the Son has raised the bar so much that even Bubka(Pole Vault Record holder. He is known for the fact that he broke his own record 17 times) will kneel before this guys record feats.
While one cant even hold a drink, junior was held for drinking long time back. Also poor Sadam would be cursing this Father and son. Atleast papa could defeat him whereas the because he is stupid simply bombed him outta office.
I think Bush should start playing AOE. Then he can destroy as much enemies as he want.
Hey Rice do Bush a favour. Give him a small map with three players.
In the beginners campaign let him have Afghanistan and Iraq. After he has demolished those targets and done regicide(read capturing Saddam Or Osama.) Let him proceed to a bigger map.
Here in this map he will have to face Syria, North Korea, Iran and Rogue elements from very many other countries. I certainly do hope that he doesnt get past this. It would be extremely interesting to see what kinda result we might have then.
And Dont you ever give him an expansion pack. Just increase the Difficulty level. That a way everyone would be fine.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dudes and Visas

I love george bush. I love Narendra Modi. Both these dudes have so much charishma. Like a pot of tar. Man they just make the mood black with humour. Its like they are oozing with it.
Yesterday Poor Bush annan fearing gompetition from Modi dude cancels Modis visa. Enthada Modaya. payya thanne.
I guess America is not ready for Bush and Modi together. Well its does seem extremely logical. Think what would happen,if these two guys think about working together. The devil will have to rethink his carreer strategy. Kiddilangal alle randum.
When one targets his people other makes a target practice outta his people. These are the kinda leaders we need. They have sworn to better this world. Who cares about the birth control methods.
Now only Problem I can think is about American Officials in Gujrat beware Modi Might do a Jayalalitha.
There is only One difference in there intellectual capabilities. While Modis is limited to being Cunning. The other doesnt have to bother about it at all.

Friday, March 18, 2005


What are morals. Oh yes we all used to read stories which supposed to have a message or a moral in it. Whereby we were to become better beings with good morals. What it was all about was to tell us that" In this society this is the way things are done. You are not supposed to do it anyother way". Meaning then you are bad.
Well ofcourse what i said above is an exageration. But it does a subtle meaning of that kind which is to be imparted to the children. This is because thats the time when we are easily impressible.

Coming back to the topic. In a society there need to be a certain restraints and conventions followed by a critical amount of the members of the society. Then only there can be a smooth functioning of the elments of the society. It is exactly like the axle grease.
This doesnot in any way mean that these morals or values are necessary. Its only in the present social structure that they have any relevance. There could be much better systems where the defective elements are much less than in this system. Our quest should be for this better methods. It is actually like begining from a clean slate.

Voicing my thoughts.

This is about of all those people out there who are supposed to be Engg students(read Kerala).

Given these guys get more marks than me. And I do have no regrets for that. Meaning if they are willing to work harder than me just for marks thats good for them. But that doesnot mean that they should not know a damn practical thing about there subjects. What pains me is not that they dont know. Agreed that I dont know much things really in the practical side. But that doesnt stop me from trying things by myself. Thing is that these guys just say. I cannot do this. So I will not try it. What the heck atleast put it in the breadboard and spend atleast two hour on it. Most of the guys could make these things work with that time. But no they would rather spend their time elsewhere.

This doesnot mean there arent anyone doing anything. I am happy to say that some people whom you would least expect are ready to spend a lot of time on these things to study how things work and make things themselves.
Seriously the guys who dont make circuits are missing things big time. Because you dont know about the kind of satisfaction you get when you make something. You become a creator unlike others.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Whats time.
As you think more about it. There seems to be no answer. As each instant of your being passes on. As you always live in the present. However you may wish we cant live in the past or the future. They are just abstract imaginations or perceptions of the instants that we have traversed through or what we might traverse through after the present instant.
So we could say in one sense time is the rate of change of this instance. But the question is with respect to what? Here comes in Human beings. They compare the of change a certain set of instants with that of another and set a standard for the rate.

This by no means can be constituted as the true definition of time. Because it is all about perception. One beings perception of time might be different from another persons. So beware of of the definition.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Vernon God Little.

Well this is a must read book. Really good. Simply superb one of the best satires of all times according to me.
DBC Peirre has with effortless ease potrayed the American society. And I finished the bood within one day. Beautiful.
Do you know DBC means Dirty but Clean. It appears that he got into trouble for his views in the book, and he has decided not to write anymore books because it is too much trouble.

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Art Of Lying.

How do you lie is really important for a "successful" Life.So how do you lie is the measure of your honesty actually. Well everybody lies to some extent or the other, Sometime or the other.

Perfect lie is percieved as the truth.IF someone says a perfect lie that none thinks as lie then it is percieved as true by those guys.

So how to go about lying. Well first of all there are different methods to do this and each would be applicable only to a certain kinda individuals.

Well bluffing is simplest kinda lying. You just lie. There is nothing more to it. Meaning you know that it is a lie and then you try to say it to the other person without indicating anything of whats in your mind. Its easier said than done. Basically it is all about assessing the other person and telling something that the other person wants to hear. Thats should be the crux of the whole thing. Meaning You say something that person wanted to hear all along. Or what he expected to hear always. Then they wont check out the improbability of the said fact.
Oh no. I will not divulge more. Would be disastrous for me.


Well this is one of my pet topics. Well I am believer in Chaos theory. It is one of most beautiful concepts to have evolved in recent times. The beauty of the theory is in its underlying simplicity .
Well basically what it says is that there is a pattern in chaos. Well so where is this pattern found according to this theory.
Let us see some of the cases. One is the snowflake size. according to this there is a definite pattern. Then were the population growth of a species. Oh yes someone somewhere did a study on this and came up with a second degree equation for this. Meaning he modelled the population growth on that equation.
To say the very least Still The Fluid Flow mechanics still relies heavily on Landaus Experiment. I do hereby say that my knowledge of FD is criminally limited. Would try to make it better sometime when I am free.
Well any mention of chaos theory is incomplete without Saying atleast the name of Manderbolt. He is considered one of the founders of this theory. He used to work with IBM around 70's thats where he got the required computing power from. Well the fact is the chaos theory could be applied to a lot of areas. eg even the growth of leaves there internodal distance etc or even human height. Just like the Superstring theory which if is it is true this would go a long way in explaining many things to us.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Think Therefore I am.

Well to say the damn truth I am terribly short of time. Why because I have to go and catch some beauty and yes I do sleep more so than most. Somedays I sleep even upto 14-15hrs a day for no reason at all and some days i get no sleep at all. But it pretty well evens out in the long run. Ok lemme come back to the topic.
Most of you guys might know what this blog is about. Yes Descartes did say that and I am thinking on it. This is what he said as a proof to "ones own existence" and it does pretty well says it all.

Yes if you can think about anything It shows an awareness at one level or other. Then whats your awareness. How to define it. I would say it is the sum total of all the inputs you get from the surroundings that you could percieve and react to. This doesnot mean that reaction is necessary. Most often there is no reaction it just says that We could point it out. Yes there are certain inputs we get which would be outside our awareness.
And here is the funniest thing of all. Our awareness is not something which we alone develop. It is a result of our existence in our society. This entails that it will always be tuned to the social structure. So here i again echo what I said in my first post. Thats our awareness would have what others are aware about and it goes on. Is nt it just beautiful that these things are connected. And that the connection is there at a level none would expect.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How not to study.

Yes this about those guys who hate to just sweat it out like other guys to get marks.
I for one hate to do hard work. Hmm why study like hell when I can just look into just enough material in the 12th hour. Oh yes it is all about prioritizing. Using your brains to think what the question might be like. Ofcourse this doesnt work that well when there is a lot of topic to be covered. But this does give you direction.
So better still why not ask someone who has studied to teach me after going to college. This guy could teach me something I "might" take 15mins . Why waste my valuable 15 mins studying when i can use it to sleep.
Ofcourse this does need certain amount of skill. Other might ask where is all the skill involved in not studying. Here it is all about deciding in the 11th hour what to study in the 12th hour and awareness about what are you leaving out in the process. And ofcourse to take such a decision in the eleventh hour you need to have no tension. Yup as The saying goes "No Worries". If you stay cool most often things go your way. Take it from me you get maximum effort to output ratio. Oh the other part is you dont get the maximum you might be able to score most probably. Well you dont get everything togethor.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Menu to Please me.

The Secret is out. Yes I am foodie. The only difference I dont care about the category only the quality. ( I can usually upto three times what a normal man can.This is not bravado. If want proof just give me a treat. I will proove it to you.Ofcourse you will have to bear the cost.)OK now lemme start.
Ofcourse I want starters. Hmm. what could that be. Ok Lemme start with Chicken Hot and Sour soup. Then have a Chicken fingers. Ofcourse they are a must. Then comes the courses. I usually restrict myself to a two course dinner. Ok here i will give a lot of choice or better all the choice you might want. I am really only telling you the format. Meaning you could try Some Noodles or Sphagetti or Chopseuy or The list goes on and does include. Oh what am I doing I just stating all those dishes outta there. Thats right folks. I do love most of the things that these guys serve. Except Things made with paneer. I have no love for that. Meaning i Dont like paneer. Well what else i do love sea food. Dont have any problem with anything else Even crab is ok with me. I have no problems with the most of the food items. Salads are a must.
As I said after having a two course dinner I need dessert. Well it could be anything that you could lay hands on. Then Ofcourse I will stop only with a juice. Usually Mango or Pineapple. Hmm. I think that covers most of it all. I think this will just suffice Hunger. I am eternally hungry but sadly doesnt look that part. Hope that this blog would give me atleast one such square meal.
PS: Donate to my Fund for Food.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Da Vinci Code.( what was it supposed to mean)

Dan Brown tried to create a conspiracy theory. But in the end I didnt like it at all. It didnt have the amount of suspense it claimed to have. Well according to one of the reviewers "If this doesnt get your pulse racing you dont need a doctor" Well the fact is that I felt that it was really not that good.
Meaning only good part of the book was that I could get an outline of Paris. Nothing more. The puzzles he put there were actually not that complex. Ok will agree that it was made someone dying. But the end was simply an anticlimax. Whole thing didnt seem to fit completely. Ofcourse the reason of success is the scale of its claims of duplications by the church.
Well i wouldnt recommend this to anybody for a start. Only thing is it is informative. Ofcourse what the guy says about Da Vincis Paintings are true. Thats about the last supper and Maddona of the rocks.

Guys if any of you have heard about "Salmon of Doubt" by DNA Do tell me.

Mango Season is Here again.

Well friends I havent told you all that I love mangoes. I love mangoes of all shapes and colours. I love mango juice more than anyother. And yes I do like mangoes more than cashew nut.

Well why did I say this. Because this is time of year when mangoes are there in plenty. And yes in my house there are two mango trees (Used to be Three but no problem two would suffice) and there is a lot of mangoes on them. Well I am really happy coz I am getting atleast one mango everyday. And I can just pluck those out of the tree just like that.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Musings on Causality.

Whats Causality. Well that for every action is preceded by a cause. That is only after the cause does effect comes. This is sometimes viewed as a cornerstone of all scientific procedures. Meaning look for the cause of the effect. But what i am trying to say is that. Causality is just a result of human perception. In one of ma earlier posts I have said that in newer String theories they have told that there are 6 more dimensions which we cant percieve. The proof of these are at present mathematical. So there is no reason to go into it. But considering the fact that Time is also a dimension we could say that May be we are not percieving time in totality. Ofcourse I may be wrong. It is just my musings. The point being that you could get cause from effect also.
This if true can have several implications. This does mean that time travel is not possible at present because we cant percieve time like other spacial dimensions .

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Tachyons as opposed to tardyons. Tardyons are ordinary particles. Tachy is greek for speed, If I am not wrong. Well these particles are supposed to go faster than the speed of light, Imaginary rest mass.
If they exist there will be a universal clock with a single reference. Think about it.
Still they have never been sighted till now.
Theoritically particles which move faster than light emit a kinda radiation and if this is isolated in the incoming cosmic rays. It is a good enough proof. But everything has turned blank.
This tachyon is real cool meaning As its velocity increases its energy decreases. Some say this is basis for time travel. I dont buy that.
According to some this particle does not violate Special Theory of relativity. What they do is that assign imaginary rest mass. Also that whenever tachyons occur they will have to be faster than the speed of light. These particles come under the group superluminal particle.
Some thing else like tachyons known as Bradyons also exist these are supposed to have greater energy than the tachyon.