Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Snippets of Thought

"Fright never injures anyone. What injures the spirit is having someone always on your back, beating you, telling you what to do and what not to do." Don Juan

Philosophy is good tool for evaluting a system performance, when you arent inside that. So is the case with statistics. Which means you dont wanna bet on statistics to get a thing done

"That which doesnt kill you makes you stronger." Nietzsche

I live for the moment. Atleast when I am Typing this thing out.

When others can boast about over the top percentages I can say with pride that I have a sexy one. 69% :D

Maths is much more a rigourous system than language. But then.. Maths not the ultimate either. Principia Mathematics tried to make it. But Thanx to Godel it aint!

I tried to tell people that if anyone puts a pair of shades and a leather jacket anyone can be made to look "COOL". But alas now I am supposed to be one . The fool that I am.

I am now talking stupid. Its fun to talk in that. Everyone understands this language perfectly!! Best of all me!! :D.

Bypass road near Chaka TVPM Goes up.. Well accelerating up this gives you a heady feeling as if you are gonna fly off. As if you are gonna be on the top of the world !!!.

Hand brakes can be used for better cornering. The only problem is How much should I turn the wheel :D. And how much rubber do I burn in that process. And ofcourse how many stares can I withstand :D

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. One of the proponents of magical realism. I recently read his 100 yrs of solitude which won nobel prize for literature some years back. What was great about that work was His whole story would move from past to future to present with ease. He would draw parallels with future from the past. Bring past to the future. Moreover his characters were all so palpable with their solitude. Everyone of them was .. They were all unique. Reading that made me acutely aware of my solitude.

Come to think of it i only remember the names of half the books I have read. The others I dont even remember when I have read them! OH but then they are hardly worth mention I guess

Snippets ___CLOSED

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sucks!! or does it??

I am confused. My mind is hazy.. what the fuck is this all about.. Why am I acting so strange.. I am having difficulty actually arangin the letters in a sentence.. Dont know why.. Typing is not a problem. Only thinking is..

Why is this life so boring and exciting at the same time. Why is it filled with contradictions and paradoxes.. Ah yes.. its not the life but my mind.. which seems those things in this light...

But Do I the coward/mad guy truly dare/think of stripping away those perceptions from my mind. And start building from the rock bottom.. But then again DO I CARE A DAMN. I dont. I dont for much of even my life. Who AM I. A sore looser or one who has travelled too much into his own mind. What did I gain. Nothin.

What is with all the charade I go through.. Do I really want to do that. But then whats reason.. When mans mind is inherently irrational. How do you attribute rationality to it.. Yes if you are irrational how can your thoughts be rational. Does that mean my irrational thoughts are rational.. Argh Stupid words.. They dont mean a thing..

Why is that suddenly I feel so Lonely. Or is it exactly loneliness. Rather aint I alienating all others from myself. My mind seems to be numb.. No fear/hurt/happiness/sadness/anger/irritation/frustration etc.. Maybe this is what is supposed to be. SANE. Does the word stupid mean anything...or is it same as being SANE.

Nothing and everythihg interest me. Nobody and everybody interests me.
I am a complete fool. This is a charade too..Just a prop for anyone who passes by this.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Re: Again Intelligence For dummies

These are the general tips they may or may not apply to anybody. This means that some of it might be true other may be completely false. If you do not feel so do tell.

1. Dont talk , act as if you are thinking. Dont say a word. Keep your mouth shut. You may sleep. Try to do it with your eyes open that is if you can. I see that it helps.

2. Say that I am the most stupid person. Dont over do it. Usually tell it once a week. That is the ideal rate. Never tell what you really , stupid would be a gross underestimation of the facts. Say instead I was thinking about some thing related to . Like "I was thinking about it from another angle" and failed to see the consequences.

3. When somebody ask you What are you thinking? Just tell "I was thinking about why we exist? and so on. DONT elaborate what you think about existance as you most probably wont know the meaning of it.

Remember at all times that most probably they are much more intelligent than you are. So dont take risk. If you dont open your mouth and act like thinking you can actually pull it off.

4. Join all those communities in Orkut about the philososphers. People seeing this will think that , you are some one really intelligent. Try to post as much as possible. Then write a profile saying the truth. That is You dont know yourself.

5. Start Blogging. Use a stupid name. That usually pays of. Write about all things that comes to your mind. But mind you never make it clear what you are trying to say. Just confuse them as much as you can. Write about Physics and Philosophy as much as possible. It is sure shot ,people would think that you are brilliant.

6. Ofcourse you need to read the back of the books as much as possible and if possible read some books that you might understand, atleast the language, leave the content. Who needs the content. Then write a review as big as you can. Telling you liked that and this about that story.

7. When you speak you should be careful to use as little words as possible more and you might be in trouble. Also try to invent words so that others wont understand it. Then tell it is french or greek.

This is all for today.
Have a nice day. Oh i forgot do tell "Have a nice day" always . It does help a lot.
PS: When you are writing always make as many mistakes as possible.

This is what I wrote Long time back. I again felt Like posting it..
After reading this post.. What one might feel is self sarcasm . But thats not only the actual case.. :D Similar is the case of My stupid photos.. Meaning what people think as cool.. Hmm....Put an H after all your consonants and LO your english pronounciation become better..

Maybe I will write one more.. blog along this line..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Frantic Blogs again

I have had a kinda sabbatical from bloggin.. mostly coz this is all somewhat pointless. Then it goes in a viscious circle, where no one knows where it starts or ends..

Maybe we are looking at the point from a pointless position :D. See what this is all about.. Inteplay of ideas has been simply reduced to interplay of words, ofcourse some might say that...words denote ideas concept etc.. But here its not actually the ideas that are manipulated just the thought. Meaning we dont think further than the words..

Words have got no more significance other than just verbal symbols.. so here we denote dynamic ideas by static words.. Thats something which varies with something which doesnt.

Argh.. you cant exactly get out of this trap, because we need words.. They are essential, only if theres a more wholesome syntax for communication which would have all the required sensory information.. and a way to understand such a syntax too :). No dont ask me how it might be.. If I knew I wont be using this.

I Dont mean it would be enough.. I just meant it would be better.. anyway the idea is that words mean only what we want them to mean.. They aint active.. Its like whats he meaning of meaning..
Some of my friends might rememeber a post I made last year about how I love mangoes and how much I devour them with relish given a chance. And today was the day mangoes from the tree in my house finally ripened.

And Yes I has been eating them since noon.. almost has lost count.. It should be around.. 12-15.. Yummy.. Belly full of mangoes is so so satisfying.. It has been a great experience.. And yes at this rate by day after tomm.. All the mangoes that has been plucked prolly will be over. Er, this runs in the family actually, my dad too loves mango, very very much, Dont know who likes em more.. me or him :D

Oh we do share a lot of similar tastes hehe..