Friday, May 27, 2005

Now trying to write something

Here is my second installment of real time writing. As before I will just type. Dont expect it to be meaningful. Only thing i can garuntee is that like the illucidation of how sherlock holmes could read minds . Working of my mind might be apparent to a certain degree. This doesnt mean any
concrete way to evaluate this mind. After writing this much I pause to evaluate what I have done. I start to think Should I ave written more on the holmes episode the lazybones I am I dont even bother to think anymore.
As writing about these I am really think what I am trying to do writing my unadultered thoughts here. What is the point in such an excercise then I realize that I write it because I like to communicate. I like to speak endlessly given the right kind of company. But dont every one like to do that.
OkOK I will stop here.

A very bad topic.

Well to say the very least the so called love is a complex set of emotions. And these emotions like every other emotions wont be the same for each individual. But we could genralize to an extent. Most of the feeling are necessary for the survival. To make lasting bonding between individual or individuals or even with ideas to create a stronger system. As percieved by the individual.
Ofcourse there is a some amount of attraction when opposite sex is involved. But it is not eveything. There will also be an ought to feeling. This feeling is partial reflection of the interest you have in yourselve. And then there might be myriad other emotions to a lesser extent.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Havent found the title yet.

Man I feel so irritated by those guys who show righteous anger. Anger as far as I am concerned is not good for either parties. But I am not here to preach. My point was usually these guys cant find a line which is the right one. Whereby they will be usually causing more damage than that was original. Meaning they themselves sees themselves as saviour of other. To me its extremely debatable, because of the mere fact that you cant save or destroy a human being there is nothing like that. I usually find it so irritating.
Well so someone might ask that should we just standby. It is not that I am saying that we should just stand by and let it be. It is that you have to prioritize. Meaning most often than not the social priorities are wrong. You have to constantly evaluate to make the right decisions. Also the method for executing this should never be with force. It should always be a minimum force approach.
I will give an example. For the so called right wing guys all around the world. What happens to there god is so much more important than the sufferings of there countrymen. Arab world is ready to fund for jihad were as they could use it for much more productive areas.

Closer to home there was a case of One Mr Kunhalikutty. He was made to resign because he had sex with a minor. Not because of the allegations about of corruption levelled against him. All people where so worked about this. Not because he was simply partisan.

A new blog.

Yup thats right. I am starting a new blog. This is just for putting things in the right persepective.
Only thing is I am not open enough to keep in mind common decencies.
But It is not my cup to be held up like that.
So I have started a new blog. If you wanna view that ask me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


A friend of mine asked me to blog about this as he was feeling sleepy. So I am humouring him.
He said to me Anarchy is absence of a government or laws to control the society as the definition given in the dictionary.
But I feel he is simplifying it too much. Meaning the supposed control is nothing more to give the right stimulus which would lead to a particular set of reactions. here the reactions and stimulus are all in social parlance.
So there would be no anarchy as defined by the dictionary whatever be the case.
Only thing is there will be no visible source of these supposed controls. There might be a lot more variables to the equation than in a usual case.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In the below post I have just cited an example.
No way is it about the political parties. It is about the resposibility which the media has to the public.
There are numerous examples of the NDA government influencing the media in a similar vein.

The Media

Recently, meaning within three four days, I saw an article in The Hindu. It was about a report of CAG on "The NDA regime".

This is a prime example of propoganda. That is feeding the public with terms which will define what they have to define for them. The reason why I feel so strongly for such an usage of words is just because of the fact that a democratically elected government is referred to as a regime.
I do totally agree to the fact that the NDA government did pretty undemocratic things in its time especially the gujrat riots.
But that doesnot give a newspaper correspondent any special rights to call them a regime. He can make a statement like that in a press briefing.
It is totally misleading because what is supposed to happen is like what the US media tried to project John Kerry as someone how they wanted to project him. These guys are getting away from it.
So my suggestion is we need to be armed with the fore knowledge that these media will try to use these cheap tricks to control the public. When I mean control i mean to control there opinion.
Beware and Be aware. Thats all.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Funny How our Mind works.

Oh yes I dont know it.
We all make a lot of characteristic statments, from these it is fairly easy to deduct and predict how a person would react or respond. Even though this might not be comprehensive this will give a fair idea of "dealing" with the person. Here I am typing the thoughts that come to mind as it comes. Meaning really realtime typing. Howabout it. Ofcourse my typing speed is limited still i try to present atleast the essence of my thoughts. After writing this much I start to think what more should I write. That is known as thinking outta the system. Because If I start Analysing why I am doing something particular at a particular time. It might result in a loop. If left to a computer etc with no prior knowledge of such a situation it will work around this loop till it breaks. Whereas for a human mind even for a child it wont be like that. We jump out of the system. And try to solve at there. This is like saying to get forty add 1 forty times. Whereby we will arrive straight at the answer 40. Now i start to think Aint I getting tooo booring as usual. Maybe maybe not. Then again who can say. In the above sentances you can see something characteristic of me. Now I am thinking for a day this might be more than enough. Or It might not be Still. I got to stop somewhere and this seems as good a place as any. See you till next blog.
Oh what kinda parting message have I written.

Where will I get a GhostBuster.

Wanted. A ghostbuster of the cyberkind. Unusually high ghost activity around this place. Anyone interested please contact me.
PS: This is not for the Ghost to comment upon.

Well to say the damn truth the ghost is doing a pretty good job of giving me a feedback of somekind. Still he needs to understands that as far as ghosts are concerned they are immaterial. So he should try to materialize whereby he becomes more solid. So that there will be that extra punch to his words. But Hey a doubt mister ghost aint you supposed to turn up when I am dead. THIS is cheating. even kallan.

As far as the miniproject is concerned eveything went really well. Meaning George was more than happy. Hey ghost dont try stoicism too much. Not good for your health. Meaning you are only one step away from fatalistic attitude. It might be the unmaking of you. Then you will have to wait till I am dead again, maybe that wont take such a long time. Still you might have to wait.

If you could make somekinda deal I would stop chasing you. meaning you can comment as much as you wanna.