Sunday, April 24, 2005

My project.

Oh yeah the deadline for submission is creeping on me, as my ghost pointed out so well. The facts are the whole of sensor design and Application design part is over. Even Logic design is over up to an extent. But I need to get the damn PIC. Make the PCB layout and then the casing design. Seems quite a lot to me. So what do I do. I do nothing.
Hopes that PIC reaches here before the deadline. Hopes that the PCB guys will make the PCB's in record time. On top of this hope that the thing will work after all of these. So much for hopes. Well Atleast the tricky sensor part we negotiated completely. The IR detector really sucks. Means it took up our entire time. In electronics parlance it acts funny everytime it turns on. :D.
Now its just a race against time. But mind you thats the only thing I am good at. But one thing I can say with pride(if the thing works) We did it by ourselves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

For me.

The kind of blogs I am writing these days is making me really sick. I dont know why. Not that they aint true. Maybe because its becoming too serious and actually I am a very Happy Go lucky Kind. To me It is all fun. Yes baby life is to be enjoyed. As for me I try to enjoy as much As I can. I personally dont really care Were I reach in my life. Coz simply because I will enjoy my life no matter what happens.
I dont know to crack jokes while I am writing. Hmm and I dont write jokes just for the sake of them. Writing gives me a sense of satisfaction. Thats however bad it might be I have written something. Thats all. And moreover its an outlet for me. Most of the things i am writing here may not be correct. But still its what i think.
Oh even this is not for anyone. It is just a reminder to my self. No one else.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Think about this.

Wham Bham Dham. There goes another English movie. Thats the truth most of the so called action has no action in it only sound and fire. And those actors need to be tied to string like puppets to make them act or to move them.
Really all those string effects are better done with puppets. But then there are good films and good directors in Hollywood also.
The fact is that I am not against action movies. It is just that the mediocrity of these films. There is nothing original about them. Ofcourse there are a lot of good action movies.
When compared to these films in all those french films the level of violence is so negligible and they have a definite class. The reason is simple if you dont have the class you dont sell.
For hindi movies everything starts and ends with a song. Now that is finished. Malayalam movies was said to be going through a trough the only reason being there were no new stories. It was all the same. And I believe Tamil film Industry is better left out. The mainstream tamil films are all usually just unbearable for me.
What me a cinema critic.
Well the fact is anyfilm which can entertain me is an average film. Which can make me think is a good film and which will make me to act is a superb film. Thats all I can say.


Or is there a m less. hmm. Thats the question do we need more m's or less. What this is not my style of writing. What am i doing. I cant even say "Oh god", I am supposed to be an atheist.
Fun apart. There is a popular misconception that athiest are people who hate god, are followers of satan, have a bloated ego. And some of these so called atheist have not helped to change those misconceptions. The facts are bare we are human nothing more nothing less. And for an atheist it is not the hatred or any such anti feeling towards divinity that makes them so. It is just the fact that the so called "God" is not an entity in the system. Ofcourse some of the atheists are what you would call rationalists. That is they seem to try to rationalise anything and everything.
I believe that everyone should try to rationalise as much as possible. Then your views become a lot more clearer and you will know more about yourself. Its usually the fear that you would be found wanting that drives people not to be self critical. For them it is essential that they feel that they are an essential part of a system. These systems may vary from, family, social, political, religious etc. I dont want anyone whose reading this to change there mind about divinity just because I am blabbering. If you want to change it must be because you wanna and not because i want it to happen. I do believe that the structure of religion has played a very vital role in our social systems.
For me I am more contended being this atheist. I know where I stand. I dont need to measure up to anything or everything. Furthermore the life becomes more easier atleast one worry less for me. Not that I worry about anything. All comments are welcome.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

On the Matter of Ganguly.

I love Ganguly. Did you hear that. I love Ganguly whatever be the noodle joke. But my point is not at all about Ganguly. Ofcourse there is a Surya Shekhar Ganguly and Some other Ganguly too. I was thinking about our political system with respect to Ganguly. Everyone wants ganguly to be replaced. But our public is satisfied with the way our politicians are.
Didnt you get it We are the damn selection committe for the politicians and we decide on the basis of all those things they try to make us believe. Then how the hell do you expect the selection committee for a game in this country to be fairer. Ofcourse given the fact BCCI is a lot better than our political system.
Well we are all deaf and blind.Oh I forgot dumb too.

Hmm. What was that again.

Well to say the truth I have been thinking why nobody has come forward to stuff my mouth. Oh shucks i didnt know that so many people out there didnt have a hint of a back bone. Bad Igor Bad.
Atleast you could say "could you repeat."
Sheesh I never expected this of you lot.
Ah, I am getting it ,May be you are fed up of those other guys around. Yes thats the reason.
"Straight from the heart" With out those guys around I might have stopped this blog long time back. Didyou know typing My name on google just for the fun of it I found that this blog address is the first one to come.

Apart from all that something serious. Why am I talking all this nonesense at this time of the hour. Oh ya nothing else to do and a friend of mine wants to read something, anything. Hope this does for you dude. Dont tell me you didnt like it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Clarity of Thought.

This one of the things I never elaborated upon. And now more than ever it seems to be the most important thing of how you approach a problem.
Lets see what clarity of thought. I agree none will attain the perfect clarity we can only try to attain. Well some might say when we try remove whats material from our eyes we will have the required clarity of thought. But I tend to differ. For me it means identifying as many subjective tags which we put with ourselves and remove them while thinking.
This is not about thinking in someone else shoes because then again you are thinking in his shoes not you. So What I a suggesting is that to be aware that you are a subjective being and whatever decisions you make are subjective and might be wrong. Its about not allowing emotions to muddle your thought. Some might say its the cold logic.
So it starts from how well you know yourself how well you know your prejudices. This does not mean you will overcome these. Only that you can better yourself little at a time.
And deciding to change itself results in a change however slow that might be.