Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Inherent Incoherence

This is a verbal experiment. The form which I havent decided yet.

In this world everyone adheres to one system or another system of belief. I was born as any baby would be without the structure of the systems imprinted into my mind.

Or is there an underlying system which every human has? That remains to be seen. In all probability there might by.

So as I grow through the interactions and interferences with this world through my parents, relatives, peers, teachers and very many other people , I start forming the structure of how I see this world. As at present I have tried to keep it a fluid one. Thats a structure that can be dismantled with ease.

But the fact is that I neither have the will nor the time or the needed effort to dismantle the whole system and in place built one which is entirely based upon rational thought. Such an endeavour is a challenge in itself, rivaling the great achievements a human can accomplish. In future I might or I might not.

So what exactly is this system. Its the system of belief, Humans need to attribute certain human qualities to the world around them to make inhabitable. They attribute kindness, cruelity etc to nature. Thats abstract meaning to tangible objects. This is also like saying Sun is bright. where Sun is the object which is "supposed" to be physically tangible and bright is the abstract concept we have attributed to the sun.

Each system equips a person in different levels to exist. Yes thats the primal objective of all these systems. To survive and populate.

Here I would like to quote what Russel said about philosophy " Uncertainity, in the presence of vivid hopes and fears, is painful but must be endured if we wish to live without the support of comforting fairy tales."

So each system gives the individual a kind of abstract worldview using which he might feel at ease with this world. At the same time if the view is completely unrelated to the world there comes a conflict of needs, where the primal needs and the needs created by the new system contradict. ( I am not saying it exactly the way I want to.) There are no indubitable answers in this world.

Theres nothing absolute. This means that whatever I might say or believe or want to believe is neither right nor wrong. I for myself now think myself as an Atheist. It is supposed to be one who doesnt believe in GOD. As of now Its just another system, albeit according to me a better one.

"Life No argument
We have mapped out for ourselves a world in which we can bear to live-by positing bodies, lines place, causes and effects motion and rest, fomr and content. Without these articles of faith nobody could tolerate life- but that is no proof of the truth of any of them. Life is no argument. THe conditions of life may include error."
This is what Neitzsche said sometimes, somewhere.

Here we have that the system will temper our thoughts. Now I dont believe in any "purpose" neither does I have any ambitions. I still do like to be with my fellow beings so much so that I will act like them to be with them. At one level I will take childish when someone gives me something I cherish. Yes I do cherish a lot of material things. These material things are not exactly what would be called necessary for life. It is just that in some point in life due to the enviroment I live in, I have come to like them and would love to have them. Even though till now I havent made an effort from my part to get them.

This system That I have made for myselves seems really comfortable. But I know there might be some fallacies inbuilt in it. And I dont want to be blind to it. Yes maybe I can live an existance where I turn a blind eye to all these. But then I would be simply limiting my experience. Its like a man closing his eyes and proclaiming theres no light. As an afterthought actually is there something called light?

Its the ability to change that is important. Its the ability to change ones perspective from one to the other that makes him more than he was. I know that or atleast I think I know that after five years I wont think like this. At the very least there will be a subtle shift but sometimes I might have embraced a completely different system of thought. I think I can feel that I am changing by the second. So each second is valuable.

The whole reason for this blog was a need for expression. To whom I dont know. Maybe just to myself, maybe to few of my friends.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Long time

It has been a long time since I posted, or atleast I feel it so. Had done quite a few things in between. I have just read the book Five point Someone. JUST and Now I cant remember much of it. Meaning it was a superb page turner and was engrossing.

It's supposed to give you an insight into the workings of the IIT's and the students. The questions this raise for the academic community is extremely valid. Oh but whos academic?

Usually engg students can easily identify with the protagonists esp those like me with supplies etc who will only try to have a good time at that. Portrayal of an engineers life in college is almost apt.

I do have a Nine Pointer as a close friend of mine( Did His grade drop to the high 8 or what). Anyway He doesnt exactly act out like whats typically shown here.

This friend of mine is doing Dual Degree in an IIT, What he does is in his third year "just for the fun of it" his exact words goes and writes the GATE exam for mechanical Engg. Mind You he is a Dual Degree wala that is He has to do an Mtech and Gate Is primarly for that.

And.. He gets the first. Yep First in Gate. I really sympathise the guy who got second. If he ever gets to know this then He might become even Desp.

As for a story for someone outside this whole system, they wont be able to identify with the story as much.

But think about it.. a guy from IIT graduates, Gets into IIM-A and then ...
He writes stories. Well how about that :D. I find it funny. Really funny. The humour in the book is not through the conversations at all, its just through the Situations.

There has been another book I was trying read over an year. It was a collection of passages by Neitzsche. Meaning Everytime I manage to read till the half the book then I give it up. Anyway each time I read it makes me think. Its wonderfully engrossing.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is a tag given to me by ma friend Poison

I dont know how to list them. I cant exactly put a finger onto them. I will simply type whats comes to my mind.

The fact is this, I dont know whether this list will remain so coz I accept the fact that I will change. So will my likes and dislikes. But this my take on these things at present.

1. I dislike people trying to close their own minds ( sometimes even myself)

2. I dislike pop music usually.

3. I dislike usually alcoholics and smokers usually( when they are in action)

4. I dislike people trying to push me

5. I dislike mega serials.

6. I dislike multi mega serials even more.

7. I dislike petty ego.(but whose to decide whats petty or not)

8. I dislike planned out life.

9. I dislike censorship.

10.I dislike willful propoganda be it any media(sometimes I like antipropoganda propoganda :D).

11.I dislike all those things that might harm my existance as any entity should.

12.I dislike people trying to wake me when I am asleep.

13.I dislike people requesting me to sleep when I am awake.

14.I too dislike slow net connection :((.

15.I dislike righteous anger.

16.I dislike bad mouse pads.

17.I dislike me getting fat.

18.I dislike corporate manipulations ( as if people are just pawns).

19.I dislike Living life for a purpose (it becomes so unidimensional).

20.I dislike taking things too... seriously. (You lose focus)

Hey 20 of them. Seems not a bad no to stop eh :D. and it taken 15 mins too. Thats a long time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What can I say.

One hand on the steering wheel, a muddied windscreen yep I am driving. The right hand is out side feeling the wind. I always liked to feel the wind on my hand oh and my face too. Time is 7.30 am travelling from Keshavadasapuram to Eastfort. Theres moderate oncoming traffic.

As with each on coming vehicle my visibility is reduced to dust, due to the dust on the windscreen. Still I dont use my right hand. I just keep on pushing my luck, I floor the accelerator. Now I am moving, I really start to like the feeling of the cold wind. It becomes better and better.

Even in face of increasing traffic I refuse to slow down, I weave in and out of it using my left hand. The only thing that keeps me from an accident is..
Probability I suppose. But who knows when that well will dry up.

Even if it rains I usually drive in this style, thanks to the vehicle being A Maruti Its a one hand drive machine. I love the feel of the wind. Its caress, especially that of the cold wind.

Its sad fact that I dont ride a bike. It would have given me much more interesting experiences with the wind. I will make it up one day I suppose.

When I travel in a train, I take pains to travel most of the time on footboard even if I have a comfortable berth to sleep on. In train the experience is taken to another plane entirely. I lean completely out at the middle of night from the train. If its not cold enough I wet my hands and face and lean out. A thrill runs through my entire body. The risk involved in here is simply the risk of hands becoming too numb to hold on.

I had an oppurtunity to visit Peermedu, in Idukki. By 7 o clock In the morning I reached the high ranges. The car was an ambassador, 2000cc Isuzu engine. A solid car even at 80-90kmph you wont know a thing. I suppose it could travel smoothly at around 120ks but the driver seemed even more solid than the car. He was an ex-military. He kept the vehicle's speed a constant at 80-90ks in NH and around 50-60 in High ranges.

After reaching the destination. I got down immediately and lo there's wind and it seemed better than any I had felt till then. There was greenery all around, aptly called green with life. There were all shades of the green. And with the winds there seemed something really active about the whole place. And the climate was exactly what I liked. The funny part was everybody else was cursing the wind, because It was sucking the warmth I suppose.

Its all about cooling myself. I like cooler climate. If given a choice i would be in a pool allday long. Its so relaxing. You just lie around in water and every pain in your body seems to ebb away with the water.

Anyway I need to cleen the windscreen of my car :D. Coz if not when it rains its pure and unadulterated guess work.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

One more blogtest

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as driven and ambitious.

Overall, your true self is creative and expressive.

With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situation, you seem like you're oblivious to the stress.


These are about the analytical tools I usually use.

I think they are rather becoming dull. It might be just my feeling. I also have a feeling that these are inappropriate for many a things.

Anyway these are not in the exact order. I had to reboot while I was writing this thing. So i amdoing it again.
These tools are basically Ideas and concepts

Paradox:This is that there are seemingly paradoxical things in this world. Eg as in the case of a more energetic wave having less penetrating power. Simply said the higher the energy more disproportionately the wave need to spend on each particle the its is incident on. So this tool tells us that even there are paradoxes , it means that

Chaos Theory: Its a beautiful idea. It says that there is order in chaos. Its just that we are not able to percieve that theres the order. So random events are not random. Theres no exact proof for these things. Avalanches and turbulent flow is the ideas used to describe this concept.

Neurons: Ones awareness is the result of the pattern of firing of neurons. Where by the whole spectrum of our mental activity is the direct result of this. And this pattern itself is the awareness.

Perception: This means that one can only percieve facts. Thats how we take facts into our system. Yes that process is what I mean by perception. One persons perception of facts might differ from another's. We cant quantify or qualify a fact without a reference.

Subjective: We can think only from our perspective. Theres no point in thinkin about thinking in others perspective. So even if we switch one subjective view we will be taking another one. this cant be replaced. Purely objective view of things is not possible Because as you are alive your awareness thinks with references to self.

Relative: This is about the whole thought process in general. The relativity means that every thing requires a reference. Humans have the urge to classify things. Because it makes it easier to identify a property or characteristic with the said object.

Intelligence: This is something I have talked a lot in this blog of mine. Here it doesnt refer who does a sum fastest. It refers one abilities in general. One may the intelligence of colours, music, abstract, numbers, ideas, taste, touch the list might be longer than what I think :D. The point is its the ability to percieve that property of a thing better than average.

Logic: This is one of the most important tools as its obvious. To tell in a nutshell it means that dont take anything for granted. Meaning from one step to next you have to go through it systematically. Otherwise your result is susceptible to be false.

I suppose it covers most of them. There might be one or two I missed out.