Monday, February 28, 2005


Well Nihilism means basically that "There is no point in anything." Some feel that this is true and others feel that it is a total falsification.
I think the problem with this kinda approach is that applying Nihilism to itself. We draw a blank. Thats Nihilism as an idea is pointless. This is one of those examples of Tangled heirarchy.

Ofcourse this is fatalistic attitude. Which I used to believe In. But I have understood the problem of this approach and have rectified it. I never was totally nihilistic.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Quantum Dots

Let us say if there is an electron in Solid. Then it can move in three dimensions, x,y,z. Now if we cut the solid into a thin sheet. It can only move in two dimensions x and y. Ofcourse assuming that the sheet is smaller than the dimensions of the electron. Now we cut this sheet in to a line. So that electron can move only in a line thats in x direction. When we make this electron confined in a dot we get Quantum dot. These are psuedo atoms . Thats we can design atoms which would exhibit the behaviour that we need. As you see these can have tremendous applications from QLEDs to spectroscopy etc. Scope of this new technology is simply stunning.

As somebody said " The next Big thing is really Small."

Advanced Tips For Driving

Well these are the tips for some of you who are more adventurous. Its for those who like to drive the machines to the edge. I am not so sure whether I should say it all.
I will tell some basic stuff. Dont try it in crowded roads.

How to burn Rubber.
Well it is actually really easy. Release the clutch. Press on the accelerator completely.
You will release the clutch fairly fast for this. You will have to really accelerate fast. But it requires excellent control. That's because you touch 20 something from the word go.

How to Take a U turn without stopping.
This is slightly trickier. What to do is Start taking the turn Hit the clutch. Pull the hand brakes. Do it in that order. You should go too fast then you will be rolling back when you have completely turned. press accelerator only after turning completely. Never apply the accelerator in between.

By Applying the above principle we can turn while braking. Start turning the steering then brake and dont apply accelerator. Then we you are aligned with the road stop braking and accelerate. Thats all folks.

If this doesnt turn a few heads give it up folks.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Cafe on the place du forum

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Friday, February 25, 2005


"A belief no matter how indespensable it might be for the preservation of a species has nothing to do with truth. For example, the fact is that we need to believe in time, space and motion- but do we not feel compelled to ascribe an absolute reality to them"
See actually this is true to some extent scientifically. There are not only 4 spacetime coordinates but also some other dimension that we fail to perciece. This doesnot in any way mean that they do not exist.

Tips For Driving

Lets get started.
What are the three essential things that you need driving. Good horns, Good breaks, Good Luck. (and if it is night good lights. These tips are only good for Indians.)
1. Never close your eyes when you are gonna ram into a oncoming vehicle. Atleast you can see that spectacle.
2. Dont disengage your clutch when breaking you will be actually doing the reverse.
3. Break before the turn and accelerate while you are turning.
4. If the breaks arent working try to pump it. It might help.
5. Use the rearview mirrors. This doesnot mean looking into them and driving.
6. If something happens and always try to brake first. IF the breaks are working.
7. Use dim lights while in the city. Coz otherwise someone coming in the opposite direction would most probably be blind.
8. Keep your windscreen spotless.
9. Be alert. Alert doesnot mean focussed. It means that you should be able to react as fast as possible when a situation arises.
10. Dont go slow, dont go too fast. But i find try to go a little faster than the average speed. It helps coz then none will ram into you from behind.
11. Use horns where they are necessary. It doesnt mean you should Scare the living daylights outta the people.
12. Always try to flow with the traffic. Also dont try too many things in one go.
Thats all folks.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

What I really want this blogs to be about.

Firstly I write these blogs for myself as a record of my thoughts which i will be able to retreive at a future date. Then there is also the fact that if I can make more people think for themselves then I will be really happy. I do have to make a strong distinction between thinking and thinking like me. I some times feel that i am just trying to make all those reading these to think like me.
That is not what is needed. What is needed is that everybody should think for themselves however great the effort might be. Intelligence in you need to be used so that you can really know what you are about. Most people really dont know there self. That is they flow with the currents in the society. I donot believe in that. I dont propose that everyone can do that or that flowing with the soceity is bad just that we might be taking too many things for granted in this context. So you need not be atheistic to think. You need not be liberal to think. It is just that you make that effort. I only try to show how I think, that is all I can do. I dont want to think for others, because I believe that is not at all appropriate.
If you can think you should think and if you cannot then you should why you cant think. That is what I wanted to say.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


"After all, God was one of our more benign errors. We can only speculate as to how comforting the idea of Him can have been for childlike monotheistic savages-people who needed the preternatural apparition of some old patriarch, stroking his long, grey beard somewhere up in the stratosphere, in order to drift out into exhausted hibernation: who needed someone who added purpose to life, encrypting an original guilt trip upon an organism coming into being by projecting its utter self-loathing back at itself from a geographically infinite, ethereal domain beyond the earth."
Well i dont completely agree with this but still I thought I should write this. Really powerful.

Monday, February 21, 2005

On the subject matter of Intelligence.

Well actually I wrote the previous post as some thing of an intro. If you can understand it in the right sense. It is not about me.
Here i will discuss what I understand about Intelligence. First of all intelligence can be divided into analytical and synthetical. The first one is about cognition , that is it is the ability to recognise a pattern while other is synthesis , that is to extrapolate the existing patterns the mind has recognised to create newer ones.
The patterns can be recognized in various fields Maths, Science, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Human behaviour, Animal behaviour, even Linguistics. It is the ability to percieve a particular pattern that makes someone really intelligent.
So when Mozart was able to see such a pattern and extrapolate it , he could create music unparalleled. Ramanujan was able to see patterns in nos more clearly than any ordinary man could. That was what his genius was about.
How to recognize intelligence is much more difficult. But it is about how much pattern he can see. This means that we can say that patterns percieving ability of the people is what i see as intelligence.
So can we say that some one is more intelligent than the other? Not really in my view. But some one might be better at some kind of cognition.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Intelligence for Dummies.

These are the general tips they may or may not apply to anybody. This means that some of it might be true other may be completely false. If you do not feel so do tell.

1. Dont talk , act as if you are thinking. Dont say a word. Keep your mouth shut. You may sleep. Try to do it with your eyes open that is if you can. I see that it helps.

2. Say that I am the most stupid person. Dont over do it. Usually tell it once a week. That is the ideal rate. Never tell what you really , stupid would be a gross underestimation of the facts. Say instead I was thinking about some thing related to . Like "I was thinking about it from another angle" and failed see the consequences.

3. When somebody ask you What are you thinking? Just tell "I was thinking about why we exist? and so on. DONT elaborate what you think about existance as you most probably wont know the meaning of it.

Remember at all times that most probably they are much more intelligent than you are. So dont take risk. If you dont open your mouth and act like thinking you can actually pull it off.

4. Join all those communities in Orkut about the philososphers. People seeing this will think that , you are some one really intelligent. Try to post as much as possible. Then write a profile saying the truth. That is You dont know yourself.

5. Start Blogging. Use a stupid name. That usually pays of. Write about all things that comes to your mind. But mind you never make it clear what you are trying to say. Just confuse them as much as you can. Write about Physics and Philosophy as much as possible. It is sure shot ,people would think that you are brilliant.

6. Ofcourse you need to read the back of the books as much as possible and if possible read some books that you might understand, atleast the language, leave the content. Who needs the content. Then write a review as big as you can. Telling you liked that and this about that story.

7. When you speak you should be careful to use as little words as possible more and you might be in trouble. Also try to invent words so that others wont understand it. Then tell it is french or greek.

This is all for today.
Have a nice day. Oh i forgot do tell "Have a nice day" always . It does help a lot.
PS: When you are writing always make as many mistakes as possible.

How I blog.

Well this is what everyone wants to write about. The blog about blogging. This time this blog is about ,blog which tell you about blogging. Confused? Well what that means that The topic is actually looping. Or in better terms Tangled heirarchy. Ok leaving the abstract and coming to what I wanted to say. How i write the blogs. There are two types of blogs. One is a prepared blog and simply typing blogs as they come to you. I belong to the latter part. I dont like to spend lot of time like some of my friends who check all the errors and make it as presentable as they can.

Given that there blogs are grammatically much better than mine. But I am not writing these blogs to teach grammar to any one. I always have something or other to say. I try to write as my thought flows. This means that as soon as something comes to my mind i write it here. I donot write anything previously. I just sit before this screen and go on typing like this. Seems boring isnt it. I am not really a natural writer but I a natural speaker. Usually we cant write as fast as we think so i do lose very many ideas still if something does come here that is sufficient for me. If I can make atleast one individual think about anything I write I think it is enough. Ofcourse I am not better than anyone else but me being me i have to do what I think is the right thing. Bored to core i hope. Other wise you wont be reading this .

Logic Conclusion

This is the last. Reason simple Here i can really help you any more as you will have to think for yourself as everbody tells. I can only show the mind should work if you have to think logically.
This means two things basically. "Dont take anything for granted" and Question anything and everything. First question really speaking you should think about is why did You read this. Being self analytical and trying to find your mind works is a beautiful thing.

So in this last part of the series i will ask some contentious issues. If somebody has understood something of the earlier blogs then you would easily comprehend these. The point is not to think that you cant think.
Why Society? Why religion? Why God? Oh yes reasons for god and religion are different even though they may seem so. Why be ambitious? What is truth? What is existance? Many more.
I cant really help you in this. If I help you then it would only be my thoughts. But i dont want that. I want you to think as much as you can.
This is it.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Logic (continued).

The below post was supposed to be an intro. It meant how to think. In this post ,I will just try to ask some simple questions. Here in these types of question has the significance because we take so much for granted. Ofcourse it has certain advantages that lot less to think about. And yes thinking does require effort like all other exercises.
Lemme start, The first question is simple Why is Colour "Black" associated with the devil, death, sadness etc? Why is "white" associated with all that is good ? Ofcourse these kind of questions are equally relevant for all other colours.
Hmm, here is the second question Why do we cut our hair?(Ofcourse ,My hair is damn short.)Why do we shave? Why do we have a midday meal, it is not as if we will starve if we dont get that meal? If food intake is the point why not have a five meal day with lesser food per meal?

The first ones were arbitary and second one is related to action. Ok Here is the third. Why do we have family. That is I agree there is importance in a social structure. But why should that structure be the family as it is now. Of course then Why should we divide all the world into countries (If india can exist two steps more World can be unified under one structure. Join India and China 1/3rd of the world then becomes one country.) These are all arbitary but they do have ease of use over some other existing structures. That is they are the best available now.
If any thing is amiss then do comment.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Logic, What is That?

Dictionary wala gives it as Science of formal principle of reasoning. Then the next logical step would be to define What is formal, what is reasoning. These two definition would really suffice.

Theoritically speaking we do have to think on all other words. But the idea is better not to think in words rather than to think in conceptual terms. This is because usually word limits the meaning. This meaning that what we mean might be more than what the word means. Of course if your vocabulary is good enough. You do get as near as possible but that may not be near enough.

So formal refers to the existing structure. This means that how the reasoning is structered, in most cases it is causal that is a cause is followed by an effect. Ohk then reasoning would be what is the result of a rational thought, basically these two words are related. It could be said to be something which is intelligible but it doesnot really suffice. But we will live it there.

Logic as we have seen has a structure, this means that from one statement you can go to another using this structure. That is what i have done in the above example. Some of it might seem really tedious and akin to shadowboxing. But we can always work around these intangibles. It might require a lot of effort to consciously ask these type of questions at the start. But once you start doing that it really gives a satisfaction which you will have to experience to know it.
Ok So how do we approach an intangible. This could be done by various ways the best and the most useful way might be Jootsing (From Douglas Hofstadter). This means simply Jumping Out Of the System. That is we can view the problem outside the system and try to find the soln. Thats all for today.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why I dont believe in Death Sentance

The point is death penalty doesnot solve the problem. See it has been the system used over several generations. So it is actually about breaking traditions. Let us look at certain countries where the criminal activity atleast supposedly less. These would ofcourse be scandinavian countries. They donot have a death penalty.
I do agree that it appears that in recent years the violence has really increased. But it not the problem of education. The education system nowadays is you could call result oriented. What we want is a system where the people study about there culture, what they are who they are. It really by knowing what you are that you become better. When you punish somebody U are really assuming that you are better than that person. Not even society as a whole can be said to be on an higher pedastal than the person, all said and done he is a living thing same as us.
So What do we do. We have to think about a new system where we do give chance to these criminals. Psychology is now so advanced that you can actually evaluate a person without much error. Ofourse i agree that errors do happen. Here everything was said except why the person commits a crime. That is what every one forgets. Also the question comes do we give the death penalty to the doer or the conceiver of the crime or we give it to both. If there are more than a single person do we kill them all.
In a hypothetical case let us say that a person is killed by the specific design of a group comprising of Hundreds, then should'nt the judge give death sentance to each one of them as all of them are equally guilty. This is almost perfect example of the insufficiency of the system.Do air your views.

German Philosophers

Well i was fascinated by the fact that in modern philosophy there were so many germans. Starting from Lebnitz(same guy who along with newton made integral calculus) then there were Kant ,Schoppenhauer, Hegel, Wagner, Neitzche, Marx, Engel.
I remember only this much for now. Do tell if there are more.

I used to watch CNN and BBC

Yes, I too watched these channels once upon a time. Then these were the bywords of quality channels. To the point, with minimum amount of crass, Informative and supposedly unbiased. I loved the way these channels presented the news. These where what every TV journalists would try to acheive.
Not any more, only Reuters have some credibility still. After the so called "War on Terrorism" (I didnt know these guys could change the meaning of the word entirely.) These guy really suck on a real big scale. They are real sorry excuse for such journalism. Once the sole domain of the politicians rhetioric the so called TV journalists are masters of it. They twist, manipulate, ignore, and ofcourse present false proofs and spoofs for their viewers. These have become what one can call propoganda agencies for the respective governments. Journalist were supposed to be ones who unearthed news not create it. Now they have transcended journalism to become master storytellera like Tolkien & et al. There imaginations are vivid and with no solid evidence.

I really find it funny thinking about there "Embedded Journalism". Once upon a time the war reporter/photographers used to ,brave all the danger to, get the true footage of the war to present the truth as nuetral as possible. Now these so called Embedded Jounalists shoot only what the Soldiers wants them to shoot.
In simple terms now a days any other news channel is better than these.
Ascending and Descending By Escher.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Virtual Photon.

It was I believe first suggested by Feynman in his quantum electrodynamics. Here the idea is that the force between two charged particles needed a mediator. This mediator is supposed to be virtual photon. It is called virtual for the simple reason that it doesnot exist as such that is it a beautiful approach to explain the attraction between these particles.
The fact is the particle according to this theory sends a virtual photon having wavelength proportional to the energy it has. This means that Higher the energy shorter the wavelength and so it can delve into the nucleus of an atom. That is only if the wavelength is small enough it can interact with other particles of that size.
This is one of the reason why Particle accelerators get bigger and bigger. Latest particle accelerators accelerates one electron upto Tera Electron Volt ranges. So the corresponding virtual photons wavelength will be so small. Presenting new evidence to the scientists.

Now all these mediator particles like photon, graviton gluon(mediator of strong force, coz its like glue farther apart stronger the force.) are included in the family of particles gauge bosons. Basically it is like two dogs for one bone but it is an oversimplification.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Post below is total Lie

Hehe This is stupid isnt it.

Shh. Dont tell any one.

I am outta blogs again. I am going back to the dash board and start thinking about some thing to blog about. Man isnt this frustating nothing to write about. Please do put up with me.
Well I will surely be back. Hold on please lemme think. Some things are coming thru.
Yup really they are coming fast. For a change why not blog about myself. Hmm, Thats a nice idea. But i said enuf in the description about myself.
Ok then lemme add somethings. As I said to one of my friends the other day. I am lazyness personified and am lazy beyond human comprehension. That means i just like lay around and sleep but i get bored really easily. I like to read(sometimes). I like to drive (really the only thing i am still interested in always.) Then what else, yes I do like to swim coz I hate the heat. Then what love physics (except thermodynamics of course.) Do like to paint rarely. That is all for today.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Analog Robotics@ BEAM

Analog robotics is cool beyond everything i have come across in Robotics till date. The very Idea is beautiful.

The usual way of robots where using digital logic circuit to program them for a specific task and then designing them to execute their task most efficiently. These method works for a great deal of automotive have been moderately effective in one environment. But these lack of adaptiveness and flexibility.

B.E.A.M. is an acronym for: Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics.

Biology: Many aspects of the design and function of BEAM robots parallel nature.
Electronics: Simple control circuitry which allows for emergent behaviour.
Aesthetics: Make it pretty and it will work better.
Mechanics: The mechanics of the BEAM robot's body are just as important as the electronics in it's brain.

BEAM robotics is a new field of robotics and was invented by Mark Tilden in 1989.
Here the thrust won entirely different where by using analog electronics he was able to create flexible robot with a new life like character where by nose the idea of artificial life.

He believes that simple electronics, combined with robust mechanics (and quite often solar power) produce very capable robots. The science behind the idea stems from current concepts in artificial intelligence (AI), artificial life (ALife), evolutionary biology, and genetic algorithms.. It uses minimalist electronics to create elegant mechanical creatures that parallel their natural counterparts in many ways. The simplicity of BEAM construction allows people from all walks of life and levels of education to create very capable autonomous robots without learning to program or a government research grant. If you have the mechanical skill to straighten out a paperclip until it can roll down an incline plane you can build a beambot. The potential for progressive learning makes BEAM an excellent hobby for young children who can learn basic construction techniques and mechanics, with parental aid of course, and move up to the electronics portion when they are ready.

BEAM devices come in infinite shapes and sizes. Some have wheels, some have legs, some even have wings and there are some which use completely different modes of transportation. The brains used to control BEAM "lifeforms" are very simple compared to the rats-nets of wiring and circuitry in conventional robots. These brains, also called nervous networks, contain no microprocessors with many BEAM critters having less transistors than a common radio. By wiring in basic sensors to influence the nervous network, we can control how the robot behaves much like putting blinkers on a race horse to make it run straight. These sensors include light detectors, touch feelers, heat sensors and just about anything you can think of. Your imagination is the limit.


For once I dont know what to write about. Well lemme think, i could bash about the fact that the supposed Valentines Day is tommorow, that it is all about selling the right idea at the right time.
Oh leave it , that topic has been discussed to no end.
Then what tommorow is also the Bday of my fav writer P.G Wodehouse. The man who refused to grow old. I bow before his pspirit. For all those Woosters and Psmiths.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Why Most People Dare Not Think

Everything requires an effort including thinking. It is about are you ready to think or not just that. Thinking really does tax your mind sometimes. But the question if you dont think then who will for you. Usual statement I hear is Why should I think about that No one does, Or Why bother there is no point in thinking and better still there are people better than me at thinking let them do it I want no part in this Bullshit.
The basic fact is these guys are giving up there ability to think. So that others will take care of it .
The prime example is the American one. The people doesnot care about thinking and the american media does that for them. That is ludicrous facts are said to be the proofs about the ongoing war on " Terrorism". Feels pity for those guys.
They have become slave of the establishment without even Knowing about it. This means that
they dont know that they are being manipulated. Those in charge of propoganda are doing real great "Job". They are real pros. What else.
Only Media could help but the sad fact is this very same media is an arm of the Govt Machinary in USA. The prime example being the fox news. This country is supposed to be the leader of free world. Now It is really "Free For All" There.

Friday, February 11, 2005


The name "quark" was from the "Finnegan's Wake" by James Joyce. It was suggested about its existence by Murray Gell Mann and he did get the Nobel Prize for it. Quarks come in different flavours and colours.
While there are six flavours they occur only groups as 2, 3 or 5. Mesons comprise of 2 quarks while Protons and nuetrons(baryons) comprise of 3 and then there is a pentaquark. The flavours are Up, Down, Charm, Strange and ofcourse top and bottom. Most of the evidence about them are implied as they do not occur as quarks.

There importance lies in the fact that all the hadrons can be explained with this six quarks. That is quarks and leptons are supposed to be the building blocks of the matter.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Practical Philosophy

What is philosophy?
It means simply love of wisdom, nothing more nothing less. Where wisdom can be anything so we have so many schools of thought. These are all well and good, but the fact is usually people view those who talk philosophy as out of sync with reality and life. This is partly true and partly false. These guys are viewed as arm chair theoritician. The point being philosophy is something which is supposed to help people lead there lives better. The example philosophers like Tao etc had an impact on the people of their times so much that most of them tried his teaching to some extent or another. So basically philosophy is supposed to help people lead a better life. That point is missed by most of the students of philosophy.
Pardon if there are errors.


String Theory is one of the most intriguing theories put forward. They came into being coz the QFT that is the quantum field theory was insufficient. The case of Insufficiency is the unification of all the four basic forces. These are Electromagnetic, Weak ,Strong and Gravity.

The fact is it has been possible to unify both electromagnetic and weak forces and resulted in Electroweak force. Theoritically even Strong force can be approached from this direction. But when it comes to Gravity this is not the case. Here some of you might know that gravitons are the basic particle of gravity. (The basic theory for gravity is still the general theory of relativity put forward by Einstein.) So applying QFT to GR results in so intangible results. Basically it is that the force between two gravitons become infinity. "Dont ask me what are this". I didnt do the maths for this.

Enter the string, here all the particles are only different modes of vibration of the string including the graviton. Thus strings are the fundamental building blocks of everything. The strings might me closed or open these are the variation in the string theories put forward till date that the string might be closed or open. When they are closed it traces a sheet as it moves through time and a tube when it is open. So, the first great achievement of String Theory was to give a consistent theory of quantum gravity, which resembles GR at macroscopic distances.

Bringing supersymmetry into this picture gives you superstrings. That is initially the string theory was applied to only bosons as i understand it. That is particles having integer spin. Later when it started being applied to the fermions we get superstrings. Thus supersymmetry.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Two days before i read the book Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I now have a tremendous urge to say it here. The reason is simple coz that was a really insightful story. Really as some body said we all live inside an authors world.
In this story the protagonist is transformed one fine morning and he doesnt understand the how and why of it. The point is in his mind he doesnt transform but he just accepts the transformation as a fact and tries to live on hoping that some day he will transform back. But the problem is those really intimate to him even doesnt see that he didnt change. That being so there perspective about him slow changes and at a point they start believing that He is different and what they are seeing is the not there son any more. Thus appearence do matter to some extent and people believe what they want to believe. Because they couldnt identify there son with the transformed being.

blogging anything and everything @ Franticblogger


True to the name of the address , I am a FranticBlogger coz i am writing so many blogs within such a short time. This is my fourth blog after my initiation. And i say only things i wanted to say.

So For that I am Using a language. So let us talk about languages.
So What is language? We could say that language is something needed for communication between two beings. How about that. That is two beings need some medium for communication. So what was the most elementary medium of communication. I have to say chemical methods. That is the single celled beings could have first used only this method. Even now these are still important e.g. pheromones. Oh I forgot. I had first to define communication. What exactly is communication. It is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals(I am redefining it as beings) through a common system.These systems comprise of vocal, sign and chemical communication.
So after this definition we can say that language is for communication. But is there any fool proof system to check whether what you are trying is understood by the other being.
Only thing is we can infer how much the person understood from his reactions. These can never be fool proof. But they are more than satisfactory. We have to rate the language on the ease with which it can communicate all the complex ideas and feelings.
So being aware about the limitation of this medium is absolutely essential. So whatever I write I cannot expect that those who read this including me after sometime. Will have the same idea as I having when I am writing. As much closer as I can come better is the medium. Visual medium is really the most complex from my prespective.

So for communication in any medium you need an actuator and a receptor. These actuator and receptor pair if not present no communication is not possible. In the end that is all communication is all about. Because one being does not perceive exactly as another does so there would be only similar thoughts not the same one.

Pardon if there are errors they are errors due to typing fast.

World View

Many go around saying that this world is not fair and that the conditions ought to be better. This is a very tricky question let us look at this argument.
Pardon me if I am wrong you see I am typing anything as it comes to my mind.
I simply can’t agree with the fact that the world ought to be a better place simply because you exist. Of course that doesn’t mean we should'nt try to improve our conditions, it is just that it shouldn’t be completely for selfish reasons. So is the world fair or not. Actually from my perspective the world is neither fair nor biased. As you may see the world in this context does include the humans. So if you have to improve our world there can be only one method as it is of now that is the critical mass of humanity, that is it is no of people which can if thinks of becoming better themselves rather than talking about this unfairness in the system. I would say this present systems are a result of the skewed values of the humans. Cutting and classifying everything into let us say good and evil etc. Well the fact is no one is good or evil that means that there is no point in those words. It is just that the two perspectives will be at logger heads at each other and nothing more. This mere fact leads us to say that something is right or wrong and you are nobody to judge others. So I can only say that this world view of the humans is skewed.

Whether this blog has any signficance needs to be seen really!

Ah Yes

This blog is all about the netspeed. You sit in front of the screen for 20mins atleast to start this typing. And by that time whatever i wanted to say would have been vapourised. Man it is so frustrating. That being so I type whatever that comes to my mind while i am typing. Why is this netspeed really this slow. One of the reasons i think is the use of the bandwidth is really chaotic in here. Eg some one in a country usually only acess the servers abroad. This then takes time for routing and results in unnecessary use of bandwidth. So I believe the efficient and effective use of the available band width is all that is necessary to make this OK. Well by the by we could also use newer technologies for the data communication. But that is not an immediate solution. So Let us not go into it. It needs a conscious and concerted effort.
Ok that is IT.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


This is my first blog. But that is immaterial.
What i really want to blog about is Why blog?
Coz i can say whatever i want and still believe that someone has read it. That is really good feeling when i type. Even though most probably none might have. Apart from that nothing.

Ok that being over. We can go on to finer points.
Oh by the way what were those finer points? I get it. This is really fun. Think about this I am here defining myself. So what you think of me is one way a mirror of what i think or want to think of myself as. Bogged down by the blog. If you feel this is worth anything. say it so and if you feel not then mail me for sure.