Friday, August 26, 2005

What result did the below said work have. Well frankly speaking we made a rocking presentation on a really cool topic "Biomorphs". But whats the use I had to present it in front of a much reduced audience. Add to it the fact that the PC we got was a college PC which would never play any videos. And I had three of them. All of them extremly relevant for showing the robot behaviour.

Well even if those things didnt work out. It was a really nice presentation. Nice and Clean. People could understand.

So lets come to topic. WHat are Biomorphs? No this is'nt where I am going to show my knowledge If I have any that is. I am going to just give an introduction. Some of my friends would remeber a long lost blog of mine. BEAM Robotics. It is a topic after my heart. I was just making a scientific presentation on this.
Biomorphs mean a form of life. It is also called analog robotics, Instinctual Robotics, Chaotic robotics etc. All these names have valid reasons. But I believe it is sufficient to say that these robots are those which are Survivalistic. So what this translates into is that these robots can learn that is change there behaviour according to their environment to a great extent. Quite like a biological being. No dont ever think that these things have any where close to life. But it is getting close.
The difference here is the ALife rather than AI. Its difficult to define Intelligence. There are so many forms of intelligence. So here rather we are looking at machines which would survive.

The problem with the conventional machines are they are just task oriented, thus susceptible tofailure where as these are better for a dynamical fractal world. Their behaviour can be totally explained by only Chaos theory.

Oh no that would be enough, more than enough. Well to sum it up. Was not at all bad, rather it was damn good even without a rehersal we did extremely well.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Working once in a long while

Seminar time is around for me too. Just like all other guys I am supposed to go and give a talk about the stuff I am to present. For me selecting the topic was a tough task there were so many interesting topics about which I was crazy about. One would be better than the previous one.

Atlast I chose a topic and got permission. Now I come to the shitty part. The fact is without slides even I believe I can talk about this stuff for about 1hrs straight, but that aint enough.
I need to prepare slides. Then I need to prepare a report etc.
Only consolation is the fact that Last time I did ma paper presentation I did all this and more in one nights time. Zero to hundred in 5 hrs.
Atleast today there is no problem of that. Meaning I completely know What I am gonna present its only the part about presenting the whole thing in a manner which will fetch me marks. It is not difficult to present the whole thing in an interesting way since the topic is extremely likable and cool. It is not one of those just another boring topic. Well I hope I dont mess it up.

Oh wtf even if I mess it up there wouldnt be much of a difference would there be I really doubt it. Meaning the kinda way other guys are making the presentation i dont think it would be worser. Only thing is I love the topic.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Simply Blogging

I need to blog. I am having this really strong urge blog. I really dont know why. I would say this would be similar to how I used to draw. I used to draw abstract pictures. Nobody would like it. There was essentially no meaning in it. But its meaning was essentially the pleasure it affords me when I drew it.
Similarly it seems blogging give me a sense of pleasure. Maybe it might be because I am able to express my feelings and emotions aptly in this small cyberspace. Everyone would like to have some kinda outlet. Ofcourse, unlike most of other guys I aint stressed out. Because I dont usually stress myself.
A friend of mine told me when I didnt have anything in mind then my blogs where readable. Its only when I had something to tell that they couldn't understand a thing.

Monday, August 15, 2005

AMD And Microsoft to Partner

"AMD today announced that it will partner with Microsoft to bring the first x86-based 64-bit servers to Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) worldwide. Microsoft plans to deploy and use enterprise-class HP ProLiant DL145 and DL585 servers powered by the AMD Opteron™ processor at MTC locations in North America, Europe and Asia. These systems will enable MTC customers to migrate, test and validate 64-bit applications while preserving their investment in 32-bit applications. "

Aint it funny two days after Intel and Apple decided to join hands these to decided to join hands. Seems the ol Wintel is in for the axe. Talking of Buisness.

Courtsey Physorg

Saturday, August 13, 2005


OH yeah I am blogging because I said I would. It is all about freaking. Well the exact subject is about those mask and the masqurades. Yes why do people do this. Simply because in the so called civilized society pomp is given importance. That is if can carry of your show you are great. The truth is you need to make people think more or less of a certain characteristic about you as you would like it. It is all a game of trying to manipulate. Sorry manipulate would be too strong a word. I would say suggest, coax etc would be more appropriate for the above said action.

It might seem unsettling to be told that you aint good enough or big enough or significant enough for anyone in the face of this earth. It is fear of this that most people try to overcome and this has been there from the day society came into being. Only the so called Level of Sophistication has changed as the social dynamics today is completely different from the so called social dynamics of yester years. So will it be for the future.
Man might or might not change but I seriously doubt that there will come a society sans pretenses.
Yes I do pretend. Thats the only difference between me and most of the others. I know that I pretend. Then why do Do it? May be because I too am afraid to be seen as insignificant or incapable when compared to others. But I am not so always. Sometimes I am extremely fatalistic meaning the what the hell attitude. I really wont give a damn. There is one more reason for if I am to give up the pretensions then I will have to say what comes to my mind about all those people who do pretend and that might be a extremely painful experience. To be said to their face that you aint that good. In fact you are downright terrible at the particular endeavour.

So coming back to freaking all those guys who are tired yes everyone tires at somepoint or another . They would try to vent those by freaking. It I "believe" is a just a mechanism to counter the pretenses. Were by you do things which might scare the hell outta someone else. I doubt now that freaking is the apt word for this phenomena. But it does come close. That will suffice for my purpose.
YES for me bloggin is kinda Freaking.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Hmm. Yes this is fast, real fast. Atleast from my perspective.
You know this is the first time it was really easy to blog. Because with this 512 Kbps connection it is faster than the older connection. Meaning atleast the create window in this blogger which usually takes such a long time is really fast.
Yes I like to do things fast. Be it maths or be it driving. But I aint reckless. Because at the speeds I am usually going it would be the end of it. Period.
There wouldnt be any more reason to speak about it. I'd be dead.
Yes speed thrills. But that does and it kills the uninitiated. Why ? Because it is about not driving yourself to your edge. I drive instinctively that means I drive at a speed extremely comfortable for me. Yes drive at the speed which is comfortable. It just happens that I am more than extremely comfortable around the 100-120kph range. (If the car has got nice breaks.) I never try to find the extreme edge of abilities. How do you recognize that speed. Simple it is the speed at which everything seems a blur to you. Yes at that speed you would recognize whats going on the road completely. You are missing some vital information. Which might prove fatal. So when you drive next time think of driving as this. Its not about being focussed it is about being alert. Especially in our country. Where you can expect every next door kid to play on the road.

And last but not the least. I have seen a few of my friends getting stressed out by the way people move and not move in the traffic. Dont be. Dont get angry and Never Panic. If you panic. Stop the car somewhere quite near and take a break and after the flutter is over resume.
Yes as you may have noticed it is just about marshalling your senses. Whether this sense is common or not, you can be the judge of that.