Thursday, July 28, 2005

The CS experience.

Yes this is a blog dedicated to one of my all time fav game , CS, the other being Deus Ex.
What I like about CS is how real it feels when playing.
And the physics of CS source is simply astounding. As far as I am concerned it is like the real life where the fastest draw and the best aim wins time and again along with the strategy.
Some say that the game speed is very slower when compared to UT. But In UT camping is not that a good technique. Where as in CS its an accepted practice. Does this mean that I am an expert on this game. No I am not.
L'amoure De Jeux.
Play the game for the love of it. Not viceversa. As for that matter any game.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Seems If I dont want to say anything at all I will say things better. Funny aint it. Maybe because when you want to say something you might have a tendancy to gobble up words that are supposed to be typed. Moreover I usually think at a rate much faster than that of writing and then it is wastage of time as far as my mind is concerned so I would try to convey only what needs to be conveyed.

I believe everyone should to some extent or other try to understand the working of his/her mind.
This would make them understand themselves and others better. I can vouch for the fact that when you start to understand yourself better then you will understand many more things much more.

This does not mean you need to look into psychoanalysis. Yes dont do that upon yourself. Then you will be enclosed in a feedback loop which might er....... I really dont what all stupid things a person is capable of when he/she thinks that he/she is mad. As a matter of fact i dont entirely agree with freud. I feel he is exxagerating some things It seems to me that Jung's is much more sane voice.

PS: While I was typing I was under the influence of Black Sabbath, and mind you this is the kinda of music which is very soft for me. :D ie that which makes me sleep.

Monday, July 25, 2005


I really dont know what to type here at this present instant. Then I am taking in the sweet feeling of typing words without having to think. I dont know how many of you can understand that feeling. Here I am completely relaxed and words form before me in this screen just by moving my hand. I dont even need to look on this. Yes as a matter of fact I am ty9ing blind.
Dont you know when you close your eyes you can think better. Yes thats exactly what I am doing now. I dont think even if I were to write this using pen and paper I would be this comfortable.
Now I can say it with pride that if I am in the right mood I can type really fast like what I am doing now. I dont think I can write faster.
Ah as I near the end of this post I completely understand that this post is just a typing expereince for me. It has no emotional, intellectual or political value. It is just the feeling of satisfaction for some well typed words.
Yes thats all. Bye.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yep they said it atlast

Your Hidden Talent
You have the power to persuade and influence others.
You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.
The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.
Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

what kinda Liberty.

Well I am an extremely Liberal person, No dont confuse an anarchist with me. I believe there is never a state of this supposed anarchy because some element somewhere will have enough control on the system to influence its course.
What do I mean by being a liberal. It means that whenever someone starts to speak of controlling somebody else I feel really bad. In other words I believe in Free Will. Ofcourse this idea can be taken to the extreme. But what I mean here is that we should not control people just for the need of it.
Yes in this world there is a certain measure of control elements built into the system and we as a part of this system cant make do without those. Still I believe in the essential goodness of humanity, which means that if nothing is at stake "Nothing", then people will atleast most people would help those in need.

Another point I think i should say is about the propoganda and the public. Yes its actually not that difficult to control the publics mind. Its about feeding there imagination. The techinique is extremely simple tell them what they want to hear. Then they wont ask questions. Simple and the most effective technique. Yes we all can be controlled using this. As a matter of fact we are, Arent we?

Oh dont worry If all that you are bothered is about yourself nothing would happen to you just that most of the decisions you are taking would be decided by somebody else. Most probably or you should have the power of mind to go against the crowd.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sleep deprivation.

I have now mastered the art of sleeping for just 1-2 hrs per day. For a person who used to sleep more than 12hrs per day this might seem next to impossible. But lemme assure you I really did it.
And further more I dont feel that tired because of it. As somebody said all the sleep you need in a day you will get in that one hour or so.
Ha so what do I do with the so much extra Time
Its simple Simply lol around doing nothing.
Between the way in which I had to do this was that i had a deadline to meet. Which was really approaching fast. So I simply wanted to stay awake as much as possible.
There is a certain amount of possiblity that I might go back to my original leisurely regime.

but just As I write about this I am feelign extremely sleepy. and then it goes as fast as it came.

Ha a really cool one

Yes we did a really cooool project. What the project was dont you wanna know.
Well lemme say this you wave your hand and control any thing (almost).

We developed this whole thing from scratch. The only help we got is from Johnson and Geogin in the initial stages when we were just learning the ropes of programming. Also they helped us in programming all our PICs

Yes PICs are realllly coool. I would say the most fun uC to use. So simple and powerful an instruction set.
In the end we did do what we concieved and more. There is really cool Blue LED display for the stereo input volume indicator were we used Stereo volume controller as a test case of the control signal generated.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tony now you can rest in peace no way will the gallahad or what ever guy bother you anymore.
Thanks to those terrorist.
They have come with new research to find out that the africa is the poorest continent and all those guys from there try to get outta there country. So we will not allow them to get better. We will restrict them to there countries itself. The poor fellow thinks he can live respectably. He is in completely for the surprise.
And the supposed charity goes into the Rolls Royce's etc. Who cares if you have given money that to the specified amount the seat in heaven will be blocked. If possible they will even use fraud in this. Then wont it be doubly sure. Yes yes ofcourse.

Add to that Our dear ole PM Mr or is he. I certainly doubt that. I dont think the name Mr Manmohan Singh applies to him. Ha some Singh. In the mind of most people Singh means those bearded punjabis who epitomises the bravery and courage of Indian soldiers. This Guys cuts such a sorry figure even when compared to his not so illustrious predecessor.
I would even say that DeveGowda might have been a better PM.
The brand of politics now played is not only the caste based one but also the sound based. That is to make as much sound as possible in public. Then you are doing something worthwhile. Then only will the electorate vote. Ha atleast that guy will make some noise in wherever he is to represent.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Re; Papa and the Junior

Aint they so adorable. The purrfect father and son. Papa was an idiot and he stopped there. But the Son has raised the bar so much that even Bubka(Pole Vault Record holder. He is known for the fact that he broke his own record 17 times) will kneel before this guys record feats.
While one cant even hold a drink, junior was held for drinking long time back. Also poor Sadam would be cursing this Father and son. Atleast papa could defeat him whereas the because he is stupid simply bombed him outta office.
I think Bush should start playing AOE. Then he can destroy as much enemies as he want.
Hey Rice do Bush a favour. Give him a small map with three players.
In the beginners campaign let him have Afghanistan and Iraq. After he has demolished those targets and done regicide(read capturing Saddam Or Osama.) Let him proceed to a bigger map.
Here in this map he will have to face Syria, North Korea, Iran and Rogue elements from very many other countries. I certainly do hope that he doesnt get past this. It would be extremely interesting to see what kinda result we might have then.
And Dont you ever give him an expansion pack. Just increase the Difficulty level. That a way everyone would be fine.

Re: Dudes and Visas

I love george bush. I love Narendra Modi. Both these dudes have so much charishma. Like a pot of tar. Man they just make the mood black with humour. Its like they are oozing with it.
Yesterday Poor Bush annan fearing gompetition from Modi dude cancels Modis visa. Enthada Modaya. payya thanne.
I guess America is not ready for Bush and Modi together. Well its does seem extremely logical. Think what would happen,if these two guys think about working together. The devil will have to rethink his carreer strategy. Kiddilangal alle randum.
When one targets his people other makes a target practice outta his people. These are the kinda leaders we need. They have sworn to better this world. Who cares about the birth control methods.
Now only Problem I can think is about American Officials in Gujrat beware Modi Might do a Jayalalitha.
There is only One difference in there intellectual capabilities. While Modis is limited to being Cunning. The other doesnt have to bother about it at all.

Re: Intelligence for Dummies

These are the general tips they may or may not apply to anybody. This means that some of it might be true other may be completely false. If you do not feel so do tell.

1. Dont talk , act as if you are thinking. Dont say a word. Keep your mouth shut. You may sleep. Try to do it with your eyes open that is if you can. I see that it helps.

2. Say that I am the most stupid person. Dont over do it. Usually tell it once a week. That is the ideal rate. Never tell what you really , stupid would be a gross underestimation of the facts. Say instead I was thinking about some thing related to . Like "I was thinking about it from another angle" and failed see the consequences.

3. When somebody ask you What are you thinking? Just tell "I was thinking about why we exist? and so on. DONT elaborate what you think about existance as you most probably wont know the meaning of it.

Remember at all times that most probably they are much more intelligent than you are. So dont take risk. If you dont open your mouth and act like thinking you can actually pull it off.

4. Join all those communities in Orkut about the philososphers. People seeing this will think that , you are some one really intelligent. Try to post as much as possible. Then write a profile saying the truth. That is You dont know yourself.

5. Start Blogging. Use a stupid name. That usually pays of. Write about all things that comes to your mind. But mind you never make it clear what you are trying to say. Just confuse them as much as you can. Write about Physics and Philosophy as much as possible. It is sure shot ,people would think that you are brilliant.

6. Ofcourse you need to read the back of the books as much as possible and if possible read some books that you might understand, atleast the language, leave the content. Who needs the content. Then write a review as big as you can. Telling you liked that and this about that story.

7. When you speak you should be careful to use as little words as possible more and you might be in trouble. Also try to invent words so that others wont understand it. Then tell it is french or greek.

This is all for today.
Have a nice day. Oh i forgot do tell "Have a nice day" always . It does help a lot.
PS: When you are writing always make as many mistakes as possible.

The Search goes on

I am gonna republish selected blogs. :D
Bear through it.

This is my first blog. But that is immaterial.
What i really want to blog about is Why blog?
Coz i can say whatever i want and still believe that someone has read it. That is really good feeling when i type. Even though most probably none might have. Apart from that nothing.

Ok that being over. We can go on to finer points.
Oh by the way what were those finer points? I get it. This is really fun. Think about this I am here defining myself. So what you think of me is one way a mirror of what i think or want to think of myself as. Bogged down by the blog. If you feel this is worth anything. say it so and if you feel not then mail me for sure.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


This is a comment made my brother on my blog long ago that is 5 months ago.


this comment is for every article that you have written. Being a fool myself if i say that you are a fool some will say that you are not a fool but a great man some others will say that you a greater fool than me. All i want to say is that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction
you wont believe if i say that by the above para i have criticized every blog that you have have got to think deep to find it out. I have a request- learn how to communicate and dont confuse people for the sake of confusing or if you dont know anything to write without confusing then dont write. if you want to confuse,confuse with grace.

By someone you have seen from the age of 7.

2:50 PM

Aravind.V said...

If you were trying to confuse me you failed miserably. Sorry and I can assure you that this is not for a some one who is only 12.

If you cant understand it and is confused then you need to reread these posts really carefully. This is because some things can be said only upto a point. And most of what I post about is Ideas. These Ideas are complex , and difficult to communicate for a start.
Then there is the fact that i am Posting about insufficiency of languages to communicate. I see that you have not read it. If you havent read it how can you comment about all the blogs i have written.
Do go through it. If you dont understand i am ready to help you.
Most of the things that i write here are not things which people will understand with the word go. You have to make an effort to understand it. Thats why you were confused. In your case i will make an exception as you are not old enough.
I do welcome all your comments. But try to be more constructive.
Now you see i have made a comment bigger than ma blog.Hehe.

This blog is for my brother. Who is really great to have with most of the time. Mind you "most of the time". Some times like everyother bro he can be a pain in the ass
I think I am feeling a little uncertain about what to tell in this blog. That might be the reason for so many self depreciating blogs etc. This blog started of as some where I expressed my Ideas where it could be shared with all. Moreover as a place where I myself can retrieve it in the future. It could give me the ideas which I have now. To serve as both a measuring rod and as an anchor.

Yes we all do change. You can change or you can be changed. As the saying goes there is no option C. I believe there is no reason to fear change.
Funniest thing is I can feel the change.
From when I was a kid I used to try to think why somethings worked like it did. I used to be good at studying because of my genuine curiousity. I wanted to know as much about it. That may be the reason why I was attracted to physics more than any other subject because at the most fundamental levels it all breaks down into physics. If GUT is there and you have a really powerful supercomputer we can work out the details of everything in this world. May be we can even work out how to make faster supercomputers which would be the limiting factor then.

Now coming back to what I was saying. Now more and more I am looking into human behaviour. This is such a complex and at the same time simple area. That it is Both Ironical and Paradoxical. And I havent found anything or discovered anything. But My ideas about myself and my fellow beings have become much much clearer. Now I dont have the fear about myself. Which I used to have. Because Simply said I dont need to measure up to anybody. That is a tremendous relief. Also This new found interest has turned me little more clever and cunning when dealing with people(sometimes). atleast I can look back on the incident and say what went wrong. That is a sure fire method to improve my quality.
Still I am passionate about meeting new people and knowing them and helping them as much as I can without sacrificing my priorities. I can never pretend to help. I help or doesnt help. There is no in between way. After joining college my interest in books etc has generally died down. But within last one year I have changed a lot. Become more Outgoing. Not that I wasnt before. Just that more so. I am more philosophical, logical, cool and composed nowadays.

PS: Does'nt this look exactly like the post of a loony guy. Please Forget that you cared and dared to read such rubbish. Some guys when needing to express just go overboard. But we the Rational being should not be like that.

Plea to a Ghost..

Reverend ghost. Please come back It was so much more interesting to blog with you around. What should I do to revive thee. No no dont tell me. I wont do anything.
As a matter of fact you are more trouble than what is worth.

Ghost of this kind are rare to see. Most are supposed to be either friendly or scary here we have a ghost which is kinda moron and an extra intelligent being mixed together.
Still its a ghost which has my interests in its what, heart may be , ah yes sheet.

As my paltry try at humour is over. And which has left a real bitter taste in my mouth. I will not blog anything anywhere of this quality in the near future. Unless Some one else really inspires me.
May be its BiosBhai or it might be ranting-dude.
Poison is far too matured and childish for this.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

"How my life and existense in this world progresses . In common man's language.....Fast becoming rare nowadays!!!!"
This is an excerpt from one of my friends blogspot. And I believe he is saying the right thing, atleast as far as I am concerned. Even he said to me that he needs to make an effort to read my blog.
Maybe because.
My Language is terrible.
My psellings are worser still
and My I deas are worst.

Still for me those are my Ideas. And I dont need to communicate it with every one out there. I need to communicate to only a very select audience. Its there job to decide whether to join the club or not. Oh yeah I am the most satisfied if even one person reads it and understands what I am saying. AND So I believe POISON deserves special mention. He has been one person who have commented meaningfully in these posts. And I am extremely happy to post for such an audience. Whatever my mistakes He does read them and most often than not corrects me.

Most of my friends blog about their experience and feeling which are really fun to read whereas my blog is no way like that mostly it is about my opinion or about something factual or philosophical. Left to myself I dont think I would care to read something like this. But as I am the author I dont need to bother too much about reading the stuff. It is not as if others bother. Still if someone bothers it would be there.

And some are calling me sporadic. May be I am because the no of blogs that I could have written and that which I have are different. May be I will blog when my passion for blogging reaching the dizzying height which I had before and then again maybe not.

Bloggin is simply weblogging. So there it is simply keeping some kind of a log but one that is of the cyberkind. Most usually Incidents are used.

I might try to blog more in future bear with me. Thanks to shocky too. Expecting your comments shortly.

Friday, July 01, 2005

As for me Nowadays I am not really Blogging nowadays. This might be because I dont have the passion. All the blogs I make are because " I have Something to say rather than I have to say something". Its not my cup to make blogs just for blogs.
Why am I saying this even. Even this blog came out of a need for me to express or communicate. Nothing less.
Moreover the topics I have in mind are more biased. More rebellious. More open. Which I might talk about but not write about.
No I am not an Utopian. Most often than not I am practical. Thats why some of my friends find me to be not that emotional. Where as It is just that I dont allow my emotions to get the better of me.
I think emotions are a very important requirement for a social being. That said I dont want to be another highly strung guy for no reason at all or is that it.
I sometimes have a fatalistic streak in my character. This means that I start thinking if worst comes to worst I have nothin much to loose except the end of possibilities. And I am very much content to lose that if need be.