Sunday, September 25, 2005


Most of the time what I write is passed of as philosophy. And sadly this is because people dont know whats exactly is philosophy.

Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Rationalism these all are related but not the same.

According to wiki philosophy is "Philosophy is a discipline or field of study involving the investigation, analysis, and development of ideas at a general, abstract, or fundamental level. It is the discipline in search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than observational means". The word philosophy means love of wisdom.

Where as psychology deals exclusively with mind, thought , behaviour and there nuerological basis. Mind is philosophy is a product of mind. But that doesnt mean you will study philosophy for psychology. But you will study that part of philosophy or you should that pertains to ones mind. Philosophy as a field is a vast area. There is some arguments which say that its about how we live thus unique to each individual.

LOGIC and Rationalism are supposed to be branches of philosophy itself. The word logic means only that its a word. Its supposed to stand for thought and reason.There is a lot of differing opinion on this subject. Usually a logical approach consist of going through all the required steps in the thinking process so that you wont take any thing for granted. Where you will go through all the steps. Yes its supposed to be a rigourous process and does take a lot of time. Because while advancing in each stage we are supposed to think about every aspect of the problem. So usually what happens is people of same school of thought try to advance this field by a concerted effort. Just as in other areas of knowledge and experience.

Rationalism is simply thought based on facts and reasons. So you take the fact and put a reason to get the result as simple as that. Not at all complicated. You are using logical thinking here to put the result. In reality you are not supposed to take anything for granted as in logic but nobody really wants to reinvent the wheel. And there are effective methods to check whether our assumptions are right or wrong.

What all this means to a common man is if you are aware more about these things your horizon of the thoughts expands to levels which you never thought existed. If you think more about these it will explode. You will be changed. You will be better equipped to live in this world. You will have necessary tools at your disposal to face the challenges that are thrown to you. Its is not about saying something is absolute it is just about what is optimal.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That Seven Things

Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. Live
2. Create a blue print of my plans if any before executing.
3. Tell you all about my plans by this blog.
4. Never Plan for any of my meals just have them.
5. Do Plan for the Extra snacks and coffee.
6. Travel a damn big lot.
7. Have my last breath. :D

Seven Things You can do

1. Forget everything just like that.
2. Talk with one and all and make them mad with my Ideas
3.Play Counterstrike
4. Be awake for almost as long as I want or at the very least go on working if I want with just 1-2hrs sleep a day.
5. Sleep throughout as long as the bed is not too warm.
6. Eat a lot of food for a person of my size and shape.
7. Write blogs about which others have no idea what so ever and wont get any idea about.

Seven things you can't do

1. Cant say I cant do anything.
2. Cant say I will do anything NOW.
3. Cant believe in GOD.
4. Cant believe in Politicians.
5. Cant be anyone's Pet (you could try you know)
6. Cant Stand soap opera
7. Cant be satisfied even if I am supposed to be.

Seven things That attract you to opposite sex

1. Practical
2. Energetic
3. Strenght of personality
4. Open minded
5. Playful
6. Strong affinity to long sharp noses :p.
7. Oh no didnt I say she need to be beautiful
(Ofcourse The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yep some do say my eyes are beautiful. )

Seven things you say the most

1. Oh
2. Hmm.
3. Ok
4. What?
5. ***** ( every one is entitled to call others their share of words)
6. you know
7. Aha

Seven Celebrity crushes
Well not really any crushes still will give some names

1. Monica Bellucci
2. Yana Gupta
3. Katrina Kaif
4. Laetitia Casta
5. Helen Hunt
6. Meg Ryan
7. Jamie Lee Curtis

Seven people I were Supposed to tag but none

Instead seven reasons for not tagging

1. I was tagged by the person who I was supposed to tag
2. Govind was tagged by the same person
3. Auster was tagged by the same person
4. I am bored
5. I am sleepy
6. Reason No Six has been removed by the author.
7. Its Five in the morn and I didnt get any shut eye

Yup thats it. I have tried not to be as realistic as possible. Still you might come in sight of reality. DO forgive for that errors.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Yes I am extremely lonely. It is not at all because of my friends. I have a lot of friends who care a great deal about me and yes I do care about them too. But Simply said sometimes I feel like a observer.

As if I just seeing the thing as a dispassionate third person viewer. As If I am seeing a movie. I feel as if I am missing something. I feel as if I cant communicate enough with anybody. I feel that whatever I say to somebody might be thought of eccentric.

I never care to be different, I want to feel a part of the mass. I want to flow with them. It is such a reassuring thought to be surrounded people who care. But somehow even if I am with these friends and family I dont feel so. Dont know why.

Some times I feel that the whole point of life is affirming paradoxes. Maybe everyone is, just that they dont recognize it. The whole thing will be put into perspective only when I tell you that even with all this craving for feeling part of something greater I am somebody who wants to be fiercely Independant. That's the source of this problem and I will never change that characteristics for any thing else.

My character has reached a stage where I no longer feel any righteous anger. It is not because of lack of killer instincts or anything. Yes these instincts are extremely strong in me. It is just that the world that I understand doesnt go by the concept of justice that this society upholds. What that means that the so called rules in the society is not at all in the mind of majority of population. It is just that most people think on the lines of might is right.

The only Question here is whats might. When we see cases of strong willed people taking on an entire establishment we have to understand that it is because of his social might he is able to do that. This means that he might be using, exploiting, generating some kinda social, political, economic or legal might.

So I am not content to remain myself I want to be more. But I dont want to change my behaviour for all the gold in this world. But I will change, I know that fact. I accept that. I dont fight against it. Rather I am happy. If I am dyanamic thats positive if I am static thats negative. I want to remain positive. Well as we age our perspectives will change. We will see things in a new light. That does not mean that we are right neither does it mean that we were wrong. It is just that right and wrong are something which is entirely in the realm of human mind. So I will live on in my way trying to change into what I think is positive. Yes what I percieve as positive can be negative for someone. But thats not a choice open to me. I am not content with a secure life. If I am secure I sleep. I need to awaken from the deep slumber I am in. Yes these are dreams which pertains to reality. What or Who will wake me up?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Quite Some time

Yes it has been quite some time. I had a whale of time for this onam. It was simply superb. Was not at my home for the most of time.
Yep in College my batchs Floral design was adjudged the best. Just putting it here for ma friends.

Free Image Hosting at

Yes the mood of the whole class is becoming extremely sweet as the course is coming to an end.
See you all.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Funny what prompted me to blog here is about the fact that I just now saw a writing that Von Neuman had proposed universal constructor. It is a kinda program where you will get a replicating behaviour or cellular automata. This does have some relation to Universal Computer by Turing.

Whats funny is this thing is there in a game Deus Ex. Now it seems that the game developers have gone so deep into researching technology. It would be last place anyone would look for this thing.
Here its all about ALIFE. Which is different from AI. Reason simple try defining Intelligence completely. You wont be able to exactly pin point where with ALife its possible.